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April 12, 2013


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I have not been to New York in YEARS, since we lived in New Jersey in the 80's (all 3 of my kids were born in NJ) -- but looking at it through your eyes makes me want to go back and just wander and soak it in.

I only wish you had a few more days -- but it seems like you made the best of it.

BTW, I hope you got in some of the pictures, Benita :-)


I didn't but then again I'm never and I'm totally ok with that :)


Thank you dor zaking us along on your trip to New York. Brilliant.
Too bad it was only for days, I could walk these streets forever


You are such a good photographer! These pictures really convey how much you like Williamsburg.


Thank you! I REALLY loved it there. Williamsburg's been on my mind ever since we left. Compared to Manhattan it was quiet and slow and the street art amazing. Everywhere you turned there was something to look at.


I would also love a cute hipster husband who lives in williamsburg to marry me, get me a green card, oh and cook dinner for me. Sign me up!


That sounds so nice. I like seeing that kind of thing - sort of everyday life - when I'm on vacation rather than the big touristy places. I think you're inspiring a lot of future NY tourists here!


Stunning trip!


Cute hipster with a hunky (or at least very funny) brother cuz I'm so going with you. Don't you dare leaving me behind!


This has nothing to do with new York but: I love the way you and Wille dress. Casual but chic, no unnecessary additions. Your clothing seems to always rise to the occasion, I would love to have such a simple but classy style!


Thank you for these last few blog post about NY.
I've never been to NY (or anywhere in America) but your pictures have really made me want to go now. It's been good to see the 'real' parts of NY not the places I've seen in travel brochures.


Fabulous photos!


"Ok, so all I need now is to find myself a (very cute) hipster Williamsburg husband (who loves cats) to grant me a green card and I’m all set to come over and set up home."

If you're serious, that could likely be arranged. :)

Loving all the NY pics, Benita.


I am pretty sure a Brooklyn Hipster could be arranged for you. Hope you like beards, tattoos and flannel shirts in plaid. :-)

Sandy (USA)

Would you believe when I say that my husband and I have never crossed the Brooklyn Bridge on foot or been to Williamsburg??? We're right across the water in NJ too. We pretty much hang out in Manhattan every weekend on Saturday night, but never went into Williamsburg. It's crazy I know. I love the way you appreciated your trip to NY. I find so interesting to see how people from another country look at something that is so simple and no big deal to us, but is a huge deal to them such as in your case, the street graffiti. Your pictures as always are FANTASTIC!


I have been reading your entire blog the last few months and want to thank you for all the entertainment. Now instead of reading days and sometimes weeks of entries at a time like indulging in endless feasting, I have to settle for small plates. I'll miss the marathon reading but happy to continue with whatever I can get. ;-). You have a great warm writing style that I enjoy very much.

Love LOVE NY and seeing your photos. We visit NY every summer for a couple weeks and go all over. Always so much to do and see. I am captivated by how straight your building shots are - they don't curve inward (keystone). Do you use a special lense or is it that I need a better camera?


Your photos are absolutely beautiful. I live in the East Coast in Philadelphia, just a train ride away from New York and I have never seen such beauty in those places what-so-ever until it was through your photos. That picture from the last post with the gray/white corner shaped building (with all the ACs in the windows) was just insanely hypnotizing. It's a bit of a trip to see this all through your eyes and lens, because it's just so familiar and dirty and unimpressive to me.


You be careful what you wish for, Benita! With your charm, talent, and good looks, you'll be hiring a mover all too soon! But we'd welcome you with opened arms!


I'm so glad you enjoyed Williamsburg! I live very close to where you were, and I can confirm its charms outweigh any of the negatives. Usually.


Wouldn't dare. And then we'd be related for reals! Yay!


Thank you, that's so sweet of you. I think most people would call it boring though :).




I don't mind any of that actually :)


You have to go since you're so close by! Promise!


I use my Canon 5D Mark II with a 50 mm 1:1.4 lens. I love it!




I'm officially green with envy. Do you have a neighbor single brother in his mid to late 40s with a beard, tattoo, flannel shirt + an extra brother (for my friend Anne) by any chance?


My 19 year old son has been going to Williamsburg (we live 95 miles away) to see friends and go to concerts. After seeing your photos and reading your reaction to it, I feel better about him going there. So thanks!


Wille loved it there too! Your son's lucky to be so "close" by :).


Benita, I agree with all the compliments on your photos, writing style, sartorial flair, etc. You are so talented.
Forgive me for asking if that is you in the picture captioned "Lovely."
It sure looks like you!


It's not, but it does sort of looks like me. Look, I'd fit right in :).


Benita, it's too bad we can't just swap citizenship, hah! I'd LOVE to move OUT of the US and over to your neck of the woods.


Love your photos! What an eye!


Why not a a (very cute) hipster Williamsburg WIFE (who loves cats) to grant you a green card? That'd be much more modern and probably neater around the house!


Haha, yes, I would love the neat factor but unfortunately I'm not into girls. Thanks for the offer though ;).


Waaaaah, must have been way too tired this morning. Sorry for those funny typos
Dor zaking= for taking
For= four


My grandmother's brother lived in Williamsburg when I was about 4, 5 years old - in the 1950s. A true, railroad tenement with the bathtub in the kitchen with a lid on it during most of the time to use as a counter. I loved visiting!


Så himla härligt - INGET går upp emot att resa! Åker till Paris på torsdag och ser verkligen fram emot det, både för maten och fotograferingsmöjligheterna! :-)


Paris låter fantastiskt! Har inte varit där sen jag var i Willes ålder. Kanske dags igen snart!


I wonder if any of them are still around in their original state. Would be so cool to refurbish!

April Louise

Wow it looks like you've been having a great time on your trip and such heat photos.


Benita, you are slim and blonde and design oriented with a job in a web development area. Some Brooklyn hipster is DYING to meet you!!!

Awesome photos. Awesome.


Thanks for this NYC guide - I'm going in September so you've given me some ideas! Lovely photographs too.

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