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April 29, 2013


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Claire/Just a little less

Love that award. Great sense of humour. Have a great week xo


I hope my son falls into such a great group when he is older x


That´s a great award! Sounds like an interesting book, tell us what you think later! :-)


Way much cooler than Märtha's "klassens Ginnie" although she was very pleased (true HP geek).

Sandy (USA)

Go Wille! It's an awesome feeling for moms when we see something great happen to our children. You wait until his graduation ... That's an emotional one right there! I'm such a cry baby. Let us know how you like the book. Enjoy!

emma ( elefectosherezade)

I am specially glad for you post today :Willie award,sun glasses ...and the book . Last weekend we cellebrated Biocultura here in Barcelona :D


Gratis to Wille and his parents! I love that you found Bea's book -- I follow her blog regularly. Like you, she is an inspiration!


Love Wille's award. Congrats!


Jag har följt Bea och hennes familj på deras blogg och det är verkligen en spännande "resa" de har gjort när de bytte livsstil. Du får gärna recensera boken när du har läst den :)

Kul med Willes utnämning. Ni verkar ha en fin grabb.

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