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April 18, 2013


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WOW. What a difference! And Bonus and Diesel are seriously cute together.


In the US, I think Murphy's Oil Soap is very close to sapa. Also, how is your Falster table holding up? Looks good from the pictures.


It's looking as good as new actually. I did keep it covered with a tarp so it wouldn't get too dirty but it does look brand new.

Linda Wilke

Very inspirational Benita! I will have to start on our own deck soon ;-)


I love Bonus and his friend...so adorable that photo.

LG from the BlackForest



Trop mignons Bonus et Diesel


You are a superwoman!!! I would just chill around with my jet lag a day or two!


Grønnsåpe ("green soap") is very common in Norway as well. Excellent also for foot bath (!)

la marmotte

we also have to clean it... i think i'l use "savon noir" , "black soap ?" : it's a soap with linene oil, natural and really good to clean old things
enjoy this nice place !

la marmotte

i think 'black soap' does not mean the same, it's not this type of soap...
the "savon noir" i use is this one : http://www.lebriochin.com/produit-entretien/savon-noir-mou.php


Is the timber of your deck treated at all? Where we are in Australia, the termites would just devour any untreated timber pronto....


Maddy - It's not treated at all. Larch is like cedar and doesn't need to be treated against the elements. Not sure it would survives termites though.

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