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April 26, 2013


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I have had the same problem cleaning windows. My streaks are so bad, it's not worth the effort. I trust you, so I just ordered one. I also have a shower door that needs some work, and I hope it works on that too. Thank you for the tip!


Interesting, I love clean windows but it IS annoying to get them perfect - I´d love to try this! :-)


I've been going around complaining about our dirty windows for a couple months now. Does that mean I intend to something about it? Maybe, maybe not. But now that I know there's a gadget that can help me they might have a little better chance of getting clean :)


Oh, that sounds great. I hate cleaning windows, so off to Maxbo! Hope I can buy it there, otherwise I will go to Sweden in 2 weeks! ;)


Olde worlde tip is to use 4 parts of water and 1 part of white vinegar and polish off with scrunched newspaper.
I can't stand dirty windows but 3 kids, 2 noseprinting cats and a dog later I'm a bit more relaxed about it but this weekend I will have to do my windows and will try whether this old method works the best like they say:)
Have good weekend!


I got the same Kärcher kit some weeks ago and it's amazing!


Oh! I have seen that one at C.O. and felt the craving but thought that it was a bit expensive if it would turn out not to work. Now I just have to get it!!


Anne - De har kampanjpris nu såg jag i veckan. 599.- i stället för 699.- Jag betalade ungefär det för en gång med fönsterputsaren som jag anlitade så min har redan betalat sig nästa gång jag putsar :)


Ooh Benita, this is what I needed to hear ;) I've stumbled across the Kärcher recently and I was so tempted. Might get myself one since window cleaning is something I actually, uhm, never do *coughs*


Hi Benita, Did you do the inside and the outside? Or is it too wet and messy for inside the home? Thank you!


Emma - that's the beauty of it, it's not messy at all. Waaaaaay less messy than a bucket of water and all you need for cleaning the traditional way. I did the inside, in between the panes of the double glazing on the old windows and the outside, the skylights, the flip-over newer windows, the lot! I did have that small cotton rag on the table on hand for the older windows where the old paint job made them a little bit uneven right against the putty and did a simple wipe along the edges but it was SO easy and unmessy compared to ANY other window cleaning method I've tried.

et cetera

I have one as well, Benita and I totally agree: it's nothing short of a wee wonder :-)


i got one of these from my inlaws for xmas and it is the best present i've ever gotten from them! it makes cleaning windows so much easier, especially when i have 2 very active little boys running around!


I use scrunched up newspaper to wipe windows as well. No streaks or lint. I use glass spray cleaner used for car windows on my house windows and shower doors. It removes dirt, grease, bugs, water stains etc from cars - on my windows it sparkles!


Excellent post. I'm sure my daughters & grandchildren & grandnieces here would love this gadget if it's available. However, the window guy is my treat to myself, as I adore windows that are clean inside & out, and I tend to fall off ladders.
He arrives with his ladders and everything else he needs, and 45 minutes later, the whole place is done! My spirit sings!


I have the same cleaning thingy, and I really like it. I still don't like window cleaning, though ;-)


As Jill said above, I trust you and ordered one. I've sorely needed something like this and I had no idea it existed. Thanks!


Wow! Now I'm going to have to get one and I've never been that worried about my windows (but despise cleaning them). Thanks for the hot tip!

ann at thevelvetaubergine

Great tip. I will keep it in mind as I HATE washing windows, but LOVE freshly clean ones. Oh, the irony!


Well I know what i will be getting myself this year as an early birthday present. Like you I hate doing windows, mainly because of the streaks (I really miss Windex from back in the states), but I also suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome and can no longer rub the windows dry enough.


I want clean windows but not enough to do the job only to have streaks or smudges remaining. So...I, too, have just ordered this little gadget! Now, the only question is, will I really use it, or will it become just another paperweight?


Here is to the sunny outlook on life through clean windows :-)!
Trevlig helg!


It is well worth the money... To make you a bit jealous - I have a white one!


I jus neeeeeddddddd it!

lena sous le figuier

Last year I got one and I love it so! My windows are ever perfect clean! So simply now!

Victoria - Elvira Spekulerar

Tack Benita, jag rusade bums iväg och köpte mig en Kärcher fönstertvätt w75 som hade två munstycken, vilket passade oss bra då vi har spröjsade fönster. Vilken fröjd det blev att tvätta fönsterna alltså. Så tack för bra tips!



I must find out where to buy one here in Australia. I live by the seaside and my windows get salt on them!


It's not about cleaning windows, but: May I ask where you buy pillows like the ones on the photo?


Ulrike - I made them from chambray fabric (the navy one), fabric from Svenskt Tenn http://www.svenskttenn.se/en-us/products/0118/textile.aspx (the green ones) and Asplund (the scalloped one), here's a link to that finished one http://www.asplundstore.se/collections/news/products/product-2

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