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April 19, 2013


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Yet another stylish Chez Larsson signature celebration :). And Wille sounds like he has your energy level!

eastcoastmom i Spanien

Hoppas det gick bra på högskoleprovet! Tydligen är det nya studenter, de som just gått ut gymnasiet som lyckas bäst på provet. (jag lyckades riktigt bra när jag gjorde provet för mååånga år sen och kom in på min drömutbildning, trots att jag var way over 20. Så det finns hopp!)


Lovely cake decoration and table setting! Did you make the cake yourself, Benita? Did Wille do well in his exam? Have a nice weekend :)


Amycapdet - I assembled the cake but used partly ready made ingredients.

Wille didn't think he did well due to lack of time on certain parts of it (and I say jet lag...). He doesn't have the result yet.


Happy birthday, belated! Mine will be 19 soon, too, and he'll be off to uni in London in September. Yikes, where's the time gone!? All the best with the results though I'm sure Wille will do fine anyway!
Have a good weekend!

Sandy (USA)

Happy belated birthday to Wille! I love your little toothpick flags and table setting... cute! My youngest will be 19 as well in June. He graduated high school in June 2012 and chose to take some time off from studies. Although he has a full time job working for the same company as his older brother, I sure do hope he picks up going to college. They have a tendency of slacking off in studying once they see they're making money. Happened with my oldest son too. BUT, as long as they're happy ... we're happy!



Good luck for Wille, then :)


8 hours!! Happy belated 19th birthday.

I'm sure it wasn't that long ago there was a post on his 18th :P

ana v.

Happy birthday to Willie and to you too

Josseline Wood

Beautiful cake and table. Happy belated birthday to Wille!


Happy birthday to Wille! 19...a wonderful age!


Happy 19th! Hope you had a great birthday trip! Lucky duck!

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