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May 07, 2013


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I absolutely adore that bag! And love your blog too...


This Danish brand might fit your style:


I actually thought of you when I saw this one http://www.fjallraven.se/produkter/ryggsackar-och-vaskor/totepack-no1 earlier this week. It looks classic and comes in black as well as other colours...

I saw another bag while I was looking, but I will have to do a bit more looking before I can remember where, so I'll get back to you on that one ;)


That is a nice bag, simple but elegant. I've been on the hunt for THE bag as well, but it's a difficult search, isn't it?

You should do a post about what you carry in your bag, if you haven't already!


I like it - like the way the handles look, love the zipper (I am not a fan of the clasp bag - especially the magnetic ones, ish). And the leather is attractive. Good call.

Murphy's law says you will now find the perfect bag. (but I hope not)


Found it, or rather them. I'm guessing you might have come across them, but in case you haven't.. http://www.sandqvist.net/en/totebags.html I especially like Christian, which can be zipped closed and actually has an adjustable shoulder strap as well.


I think it looks good - and lots of space to fill up with everything you might need (could be a good OR bad thing, haha!). I´m still planning to get a Mulberry Alexa, hopefully this year when I go to Chicago... That is THE bag for me. :-)

Soraya Forsberg

I think it's THE bag. Really nice!


Why is it so hard to find the right bag? I agree with Susan-Murphy's law says you will find the bag you've been looking for now. However, you may grow to love this one and not care about any others! Maybe you should design bags!


I've never met a woman who has the perfect bag. She might think she does, for a while, but there's always something wrong.

The perfect bag will never be created because making women settle for good-enough over the years is just too profitable.

Anyway, I really like your new bag. Looks nice and neutral and roomy.


I am too late, wanted to suggest following bags...

Roberta Minelli



Or from Mark & Fun



What do you mean by "east west" instead of "north south"?


I like the bag and the leather is very cool. Maybe you should forget about THE bag for a while and it probably will show up for you unexpectedly. Happens to me every time i want something badly.

Sandy (USA)

Sad to see your other bag go. I really liked the style of it regardless of the condition you said it was in. This one is a nice bag, a little too conservative though, not exactly what I pictured you'd go for. I've said that before myself "it's just a bag" and ended up dispising the bag everytime I picked it up. I'm into recycling ... you can send your other bag my way! :-)


Natasha - it's another way of describing horisontal vs. vertical or portrait vs. landscape.

Sandy - I agree that it looks a bit conservative new, but I'm breaking it in right now, tossing it in my bike basket and filling it with groceries on my way home from work so it should look shabby enough in no time :). I did look at other bags similar to my old one but they all had a major flaw like no inside pockets or too wide handles etc. When I saw this one it said "Let me be your bag for a while" and I let it.

Katja @ Shift Ctrl Art

I think is looks great. I am also looking for a new bag. I know what it looks like in my mind. Let's see if it exists outside it ;) I have been on the hunt for years... :)


I think you should be making your own - hop to that sewing machine!


I love the bag! I been looking for one just like that one. The one I have right now looks like Mary Poppis bag, but it's in jeans, and it can carry almost as many things as hers. Problem is to find the things in it. I'll have to pay a visit to NK right away!

Fröken Fräken

Jag tror fullt och fast att när man "ger upp" och köper det som kanske känns som ett andrahandalternativ, ja, då ramlar förstahandsalternativet ner framför en!

Traci S.

Hi Benita. If a shoulder strap is okay, might I suggest the Coach Legacy Leather Duffle. I haven't carried my original one in years but during the last year have found myself going back to it several times. The leather is cushy enough so it crunches easy enough to not be bulky but large enough I can carry a magazine or two in it if so desired. I bought mine +-15 years ago and the glove leather it's made with has aged nicely. Coach didn't have a direct link to that page (hover & pop-up type website) and they don't show the black one on its own, but it does come in black.

Best of luck on your continued search for "the bag" but in the meantime, I think the one you just purchased is awfully nice.

zeecee (Switzerland)

Hi Benita: I love your style and taste in things, but I guess I'm one of the very few who cannot reconcile this (or even your previous) bag to the image/idea I have of you :-). I just picture you toting something like a (grey or white) Freitag bag from the Reference collection while you zip around on your bike. I don't know if these bags have been mentioned here before, and you probably hate them but I have to get it off my chest: Portrait styles with short handles are Schulte http://www.freitag.ch/Reference/Handbags/SCHULTE/pi/ZH_37943, Remy or De la Cruz.

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