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May 30, 2013


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What a nice thing to do! That was a fun post, taking a little tour of your place. And Tracy's blog looks like a good one! Hope she's well on her way to a speedy recovery.

Heather P.

That's such a nice idea, to keep her from having to deal with the blog and focus on recovering!

Sandy (USA)

You're awesome Benita for participating! You should really come out more from behind the camera. :) Sending my prayers and blessings to Tracy!

Sandy (USA)

Hey Benita - I had to stop back here after Tracy's and just let you know those pics are amazing. They look like they belong in a magazine! I LOVE your home. You have made a lovely home for yourself, Wille, my man Bonus and Mini! Be proud! :)


Nice from you Benita to participate.
And, you look really good today! Really good! :-)


great job on a wonderful idea!! Get well, Tracy!!


I've gone down that cancer road and the kindness of strangers ( and friends and family) mean so much. My prayers for Tracy, and, Benita, I never tire of seeing photos of your perfect house ( my dream house:))


You look stunning in that blouse!


Many, many good wishes and healing vibes to Tracy.

You're a doll for helping out, Benita. And you look so pretty in today's photo. :)

daily decorator

I am overwhelmed by the outreach I have received. It makes me feel I am not alone in this fight. Thanks! Big hug from across the Atlantic!

xxoo Tracy


Best wishes to Tracy!

Benita, you look amazing in that blouse! May I ask where it is from?


Nora - It was on sale at H&M and IS just the perfect thing.


Thanks for sharing. I liked her blog.
BTW, you really rock with this blouse!


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