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May 15, 2013


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Mary Ann

Benita, I can imagine the pressure to have those 5 posts ready to go on Sundays. It can't be easy working fulltime and being a mom. I will definitely miss the regular posts but you will have a wonderful time catching up with friends and learning new stuff. Thank you. - Mary Ann


Your blog has been a pleasure to read. You've also taught me a lot. I love the serenity of your house. Thank you for sharing so much of your life with us! Enjoy your new pursuits. I'll look forward to catching up with you as you see fit to post.



I actually look forward to reading your posts right before I go to bed (I'm in California), so I will miss your night time read :( however I am happy that you hopefully will have a balance and we can still love and enjoying seeing you, Willie and the kittes from time to time!

Enjoy your summer!!!


I have found you fairly recently, and yes you go great with my first cup of coffee here in Zurich ... but this step forward is totally understandable.

Learning new skills, experiencing life, having good times with friends all sounds wonderful. And will trickle down to us, your readers, in great blog posts. You remain in my reader and I look forward to reading more, whenever :-)

Thank you for blogging. Happy anniversary.


Now I want to hug you (I am not a hugging person) and say: all is well.
Thank you for five inspirational years and congratulations!
On no-show days of you I will simply re-read older post and indulge in memories😇
Carry on and always have a wonderful time!

...DO tell is, though, if this Williamsbueg hunk thing really works out😁


Hi Benita !
Of course I'll miss your daily posts (they're part of my morning coffee routine !) but you're doing what you feel is right for you and that's always the way to go.
Maybe I'll enjoy the random posts even more now :)
You're always straightforward and honest and I simply LOVE that. Have a good summer.
Emma from Germany

Michele Sherwin

I often wondered how you had time to do all the posts you do. And when working on projects, taking time to photograph various steps to blog about it must extend the amount of time it takes to even complete the project. So while I will miss your regular posting schedule, I fully understand your decision. I will still be a loyal follower, though, no matter how often or seldom you post. Thank you for all the time you have devoted to your blog. (I've been a follower for about 3 years, I think.)

Tina Slocum

So understandable, Benita. Thankyou for all the time and wonderful blog posts over the years. I look forward to your intermittent posts and wish you a very rich and wonderful life.


I will miss the schedule you are having now (your post starts my work day) but as a blogger too I understand why you would like to blog schedule free. You do what works for you, but I'm really super glad you wont stop posting all together. I will still be a loyal reader.


C'est la vie - it is life! No day for the past couple of years has passed without my checking your blog - the one and only that I check every week day without fail. We all have lives that must be lived, they are far too short as it is! So we must do the things that make us happy and too much pressure is not a good thing. From experience, single working mothers have extremely busy lives and I will miss you a lot but it's reassuring to know that you will be there from time to time. Happy Anniversary Benita and thank you for sharing on such a regular basis.

Ramona K

Yes, you have been part of my morning routine for ages now. Yes, I and many others will miss that morning gem. But YES, you are doing the right thing Benita, at the right time. It´s great you are listening to your inner voice. So many of us live in a constant media noise (mediabruset = great Swedish term). We need silence, internally and externally to keep grounded and develop. Go for it Benita, think of yourself first and your son. Write again when you feel the urge and we´ll be there to read and to wish you well.
Ramona in Uppsala


I'm in California too and read you before bed. You have been a big inspiration in my life. Thank you! I'm just grateful you are not giving up blogging all together. I'm amazed that you have been able to post as consistently as you have. Life changes. It sounds like you have some interesting times ahead. You deserve all the best.

Jill Dion


Thank you for sharing part of your life with us all this time. I'm going to miss your daily posts a lot, but I perfectly understand your decision. I'll be peeping in from time to time to see what's going on or reread some of your posts. Good luck and enjoy your recovered time, Benita :) A big hug! -amycapdet / May-



Du har den bästa bloggen i världen! Jag har följt dig i flera år men kommenterar sällan. Din kombination av ämnen, bilder och ödmjukhet gör din blogg till en diamant. Internet världen är stor och kan ibland ta över lätt! Önskar dig all lycka och är så lättad att du inte lägger av.

stor kram Agnes från Göteborg


Hej Benita- don't worry! If it feels right for you to slow down blogging, just go for it. It sounds amazing to me that you plan to take up new classes, learn new skills and spend more time offline with friends or our own. Enjoy it and have a wonderfull summer!
I will stay an avid reader for sure, but can you sometimes pleeeaaase keep the cat's pictures coming? I'll miss Mr Hansome Bonus...


Hi Benita
Congratulations on your blog birthday...I am extremely disappointed to hear that I will not be able to read a daily post, but I completely understand...blogging well takes time and effort and I can imagine that after 5 years you feel pressure to come up with new ides constantly.
Enjoy your freed up time and we will be eagerly waiting for you when you decide to post!!
Jules, Dubai


So glad you are going to keep your blog, even if you will publish less often. I do understand you choice and wish you all the best. Your blog is a big inspiration, thank you!


GOOD. FOR. YOU. A little tinge of disappointment, yes, but I'm SO happy for you that you're making a change toward giving yourself more time to enjoy, explore and just "be". If we readers get too impatient waiting for a post from you, we can always just browse all the ones from the past five years (Happy Blogiversary, btw)!

Yours was the first blog I ever followed regularly, and what a blog to start with. I've since discovered how rare it is to find a blogger who's so positive, friendly and genuine - and on top of that, posting about really cool and interesting things. And, as if that weren't enough, you're now among my "IRL" friends! (Just don't ask how much further I've gotten on that project we started last year ;))

Sending you hugs and wishes for luck and all other good things!


Yours is one of my favorite blogs I read and I really enjoy checking in right before I go to bed (I live on the west coast of the US). I can see how it might be hard to continue blogging as regularly and faithfully as you do, but I sincerely hope you'll keep blogging and check in with us as your schedule allows.
Good luck with everything and enjoy your summer!


Din blogg är en av de proffsigaste som finns, beundransvärt med tanke på att det "bara" är en hobby. Har också som rutin att läsa din blogg varje morgon till morgonkaffet på jobbet och kommer såklart att sakna det :)Men härligt att du bestämde dig för att inte lägga ner helt såklart!

Må så gott och tack för en superbra blogg!


Go for it Benita - you deserve to enjoy more 'me' time... I love your blog - you've inspired me on many occasions to get organised, and your photos are like a deep gasp of fresh air. Looking forward to reading updates from your new leisure pursuits. xxx


Hi Benita,
Long time reader first time commentor. I live in South Africa and yours is the first blog I read of the day while other bloggers are still asleep. You jumpstart me into cleaning and organizing.

This is a message to any would be sponsors, editors and group bloggers: With her org and DIY skills, it would be a shame to lose this talent. Hire her for a mag or recruit her for a group blog. We don't want to lose out on her talents completely and a once a week post or even a monthly post would be a huge drawcard for your own mag/website/blog.

Enjoy your time out - it is well deserved and well earned.


Thank you to you Benita for your commitment! Hope you will enjoy your new free time. May be less frequent posts will mean more beautiful photos of your inspiring house? I hope so, but please don't feel under pressure, because I know how awful it feels.
Have a wonderful summer!

Ciao from Italy

Suz Pearson

Thank you for brightening up a corner of my day for so long, Benita. Although you don't know most of us, I think we all feel that you're someone we'd like to have around.

Enjoy your extra time and live your life to the full. I'll still check in every now and then to hear how you're doing.

Thanks for giving us your time so freely.

Suzanne (Northwich, England)


It sounds like a good idea to give yourself a break and it sounds like you have lots of wonderful things planned! We'll still be here to read your posts!


Dear Benita, I will definitely miss you, then I love to read your posts every morning. I am not a blogger, but I found your blog for about 4 years ago and have followed it since then. I want to THANK YOU for all the time you have shared with us "folks out there" and for sharing so much of your life with us! You have been inspiring for me in very many ways and I have eagerly follow every single of your projects! I have met a straightforward, reliable, hard working and nice woman through this your blog. You have become a sort of friend for me! :) I want to wish you all the best for the future! I'll keep reading you anyway! :)


Thank you for these five years! I hope for five more without a schedule :) but don't feel pressured to give us that.

Have fun and enjoy your time with family, friends and new experiences!


Hi Benita, I'm in the UK and reading your blog in the morning here is an absolute pleasure. Of course it'll be a wrench not to have so many updates but i'll look forward to those ones you do post(especially the furry love interests!). Enjoy life without a schedule. Kate


You have shared with us so many things! Im happy about you changing things, i will miss your posts and photographs.

judith b.

Dear Benita,
All the best in this new chapter of your life! You have done an amazing job with this blog and it will always feel like a second home to us all, no matter how often you post! It has had to add a lot of pressure to your already busy schedule to keep this place buzzing and refreshed every single day: I remember when you even posted on Saturdays!
You're the best, be blessed...isn't that what Benita means, after all?

Helen F

Totally understand, you need to put yourself first, not the Blog.
I'll miss reading you every morning. But I can live with that, I can read five years of old posts instead. ;)

Looking forward to read when you've blogged. Until then, enjoy and embrace life!


Dear Benita
I totally understand your decision. Yours will always be my Number One blog as long as it's around. I love it for so many reasons - the pure enjoyment - as well as being the most useful blog I know. For example, you should see the difference in my bathroom store cupboard after following your organising tips! I hope you enjoy everything that you do!

Fröken Prickig

Congrats and good luck! Sometimes it's a really good decision to change routins and habits to be able to do a bigger and better change in one's life:)


Like somebody else said already: GOOD FOR YOU! Sooo happy you took that decision. Personally, I'd rather read stuff you enjoy writing than stuff that becomes a chore. I read blogs that post once a week or less and I enjoy them just as much.


Hello Benita,

I stumbled on your blog while I was passing time off on sick leave and I mus say you are a truly remarkable woman. You have overcome so much and managed to move on with your life as well as maintaing your daily commitments. I will miss your blogging as it really inspires me and 'cheers' me up on the down days but saying this I can understand you wanting time for yourself. Good luck with your future pursuits and I will still look forward to your 'occasional' blog.


I have enjoyed reading your daily posts and will miss them, but you must do what you must do! Enjoy your free time. I will still look forward to those days when you do decide to post.

Tidy To be

Jag tror folk förstår dig. Jag har alltid sett dig lite som en superkvinna som jobbar heltid, "tar hand om" Wille (ja, han lär nog klara sig rätt bra själv :P), katterna, fixar så fint i hemmet och alltid har det så städat. Det är faktiskt lite skönt att läsa att du också är människa. Haha :)

Jag har dig på Bloggkoll så jag kommer se när du postar. Själv trodde jag att jag skulle ha mer tid att blogga, men som du skriver, när man jobbar heltid ÄR det svårt att hinna med allt och alltid vara en hurtbulle! :)


I completely understand. But I'm selfishly sad... I feel like you've become the friend with whom I have coffee first thing every morning. I'm proud of you for realizing what you need... Godspeed, Benita!! I'll look forward to your occasional posting, Miracle Girl. xoxo


Oh dear, I can't say I didn't feel this coming...you are my favorite, must read blog and I have sensed an unrest the last year or so. As greedy as I am for more posts, I will be delighted to hear from you whenever the mood strikes. I just wish there was an email option so we could be notified when you have written something...I completely understand and wish you joy and as others have said, you have been a huge inspiration to me and I thank you, and look forward to whatever comes next. Enjoy more freedom! We will be there for you when you do post.



I absolutely understand your decision - you post more than some of the "professional" bloggers out there (and I think your blog is of a higher standard than most). If it is not possible to make money from the blog (or by the sounds of things you don't want to) then absolutely you should scale back your posts! I will enjoy those posts that you do write, and I'm sure your blog will be all the better for you having more time to pursue your interests! x


Thank you all so much for being so understanding! You're too sweet!


Valerie - There is an e-mail option! Check out the "Subscribe" link at the top under the header. There's a "Get Chez Larsson delivered by email" link towards the bottom of the box on the right.

Josseline Wood

It's been less than a year since I discovered your blog and reading it has become such a pleasant part of my life. You absolutely should do what is best for you, please remember that we'll all be there cheering you on, so please don't forget us. And echoing what others said, I hope to see more photos of your adorable Mini and Bonus. Thank you Benita, enjoy your new life!


Good choice, Benita. Life comes first, always. :)


I am echoing what others have said; thank you for so much inspiration, I'm glad your moving forward, I'll miss your daily read but am happy to look forward to the odd post. Have loved your blog for 3 years (or more). Enjoy your freedom! I'm sure it will take a while to realise you have it!


B, I am just thankful I found your blog. Happy 5th!
-e from Manila

Karen from CT

Happy Anniversary Benita-I have loved reading your blog every morning for the last 4 years and am looking forward to what ever you feel like sharing in the future. Good for you to take time for yourself and enrich your life by trying new things. I am certain you will continue to inspire us all even if it isn't 5 days a week. Thanks for all you have shared here with us. Have a wonderful summer-kisses to Mini and Bonus!

Dana from CT

I might go through Benita withdrawal, but I will adjust :-) Good for you!! It's much more important to get out there and do what YOU want to do. And I just bet that when you do post- it will be more energized than ever.

I recommend that everyone subscribe to your blog! Then you will get an email alerting you to a post and you won't have to check in like a stalker everyday :-)

Happy 5th Benita and get out there and enjoy!!!!!


Totally understand your decision. As much as I like to start my day with your refreshing blog, I fully support your decision of "living a little bit more". You know what's best for you. I look forward to reading your blog posts anyway, and I'm sure they'll reflect a more relaxing, more happy life of yours.


Your blog has been wonderful. It is totally understandable that you need to take a step back. As they say less is more, and I think your posts will be even better when you can post as you do a project rather than be forced to post something because you need one for the day. I agree with others that you are truly talented and I have enjoyed reading!


Querida Benita:

has sido mi referencia en muchas cosas, me has descubierto muchas cosas y abro tu blog cada mañana para ver tus post.
Todavía sigo esperando tus novedades cuando odificas algo en la casa, el jardín, etc. y así luego lo hago en mi casa, gracias a ti he aprendido que nosotras tambié podemos hacerlo.

Gracias por tu tiempo, te echaré de menos, desde España:



It sounds like you're choosing the best of both worlds Benita and your readers can only benefit from such a choice. If you are doing more things that interest you and make you happy your posts, if more occasional, will be even that more interesting. I look forward to an occasional post and hearing about how you will fill your new 'time spaces' with fun and relaxation. Thanks for being such an inspiration!


This is such a good decision for you, I'm so glad - enjoy your time and soak it up. We'll all manage with whatever you post, however often or sporadic that is.


This is my first ever comment but I have been following your blog for some time and always found the inspiration to de clutter, organise my house better, go back to natural and simplicity...! Good luck with the never ending learning circle, going out with friends etc...Enjoy life!

Claudia Martins Dietrich

It's kind of sad, but I do understand and support your decision. Enjoy!


I have followed you from Canada for more than a while now... your blog beeing the first thing I read in the morning! You've done a great job and you deserve more time for yourself: so have fun and write a little to us when you feel like it! (and don't forget to include your furry family and growing man:)
thanks for all!


Benita, I've been with you for a long time, and although I'll miss your frequent posting, I think you've made a great decision. What pressure to have been under, for a hobby blog! Enjoy your next phase. Thank you so much for this wonderful gift you've been giving us.


Benita, thank you for your posts for the five last years. You are an inspiration! Although, I will miss my daily dose of Chez Larsson, I completely understand and wish you all the best in pursuing all your "life" goals. I am glad, you are not quitting blogging completely. Looking forward to seeing your posts whenever they appear.


I've really enjoyed reading your daily posts over the past few years, but as a former (short lived) blogger myself, I completely understand your need to take some time for yourself! I'm constantly striving to achieve a better life/work balance so kudos to you! :)


Yours is the first blog I check every morning. I am going to miss that start to my day. That said, I am happy for you in finding the balance you need. I don't think I could blog five days a week. I look forward to reading in whatever manner you continue!


I am an early morning reader too: In my bed on the ipad, with a coffee and Chez Larsson a great way to start the day :)

As everyone has already thank you so much for the past five years. On a totally selfish note I would much prefer less of you than this becoming a professional blog because I don’t know of any professional blog that hasn’t gone totally down hill once that step has been taken.

Rene Lee

I wish you the best, Benita. Go enjoy! I look forward to seeing what new adventures you have, when you get the occasion to give us a peek.

Lauren E.

Hi, Benita.
Your blog is my first stop every morning as I settle into my work day. I will miss the daily dose of organization, inspiration, and beautiful photography! But wish you and your family the best as you take time to enjoy life. Thanks for everything!


I, too, will miss starting the day with Chez L, but understand the quest for balance. I'll look forward to being a continued fan of Chez L (and of course Mini & Bonus) whenever it is available!

Sandy (USA)

Oh how I hate my crazy all over the place hormones that get me teary eyed at the drop of a hat! I LOVE your unfussy (is that a word?) blog! I will miss you in the mornings before I start my work day, BUT, I'm so very happy for you at the same time. I will definitely check for your posts periodically and without a doubt go back and re-read the old posts (which I love). Kisses and hugs to Bonus and Mini .... extra wet one to Bonus please! :-) Congrats on the 5 years and thank you for sharing. BTW - Congratulations to Wille also for when he graduates, if he hasn't already.


I shouldn't read your blog every morning when I get to work, but I have enjoyed seeing your pictures and watching you transform your home. Thank you!


Your are my inspiration, I learned so much from your blog. You turned my cloudy days into happy, calm and organized spaces.
Thank you so very much, I understand you need more 'me' time, we all do.

Manuela Kleiser

Hi Benita,

no matter how often and what you blog .... your satisfaction is going on .. but I'm totally glad that you do not stop! Would miss you very much! I "follow" you for all the years.

Unknown Regards to Willi, Bonus, Mini and especially to you!

LG from the Black Forest


Michelle of Montreal

Thanks Benita for everything you have shared with us over the last five years. I'd always been in awe of your ability to do all those projects, maintain the blog, work a job, be a mom and everything.

Take the time you need to live the life you want for yourself. It's a lesson all of us should learn. I'll just have to wean myself off of checking the blog every single morning.

Good luck, have fun and see you 'round!

christine e-e

Oh my! I'll miss my morning coffee & a visit w Benita... But I totally understand your decision. If you take up a new craft or skill I hope you'll share the progress with us. I'll sign up to receive notes when a new blog post appears! Thank you for your inspiration! And sharing life & design from Sweden.


Grattis, Benita!! Och stort tack....


I have been a long-time daily reader but have never commented. I love reading your blog and I always marveled at the time you have dedicated to it. I will be sad not to see a new post every day but I applaud your decision to devote more time other things that will make you happy. Thank you so much, you are an inspiration to all disorganized people!


Happy Blogaversary! I've enjoyed reading your blog over the years and will continue to read whenever you post!


Ich habe gestern auf expli.de durch Zufall Deine Einträge gefunden (ich suchte nach Inspiration für eine neue selbstgebaute Garderobe). Ich war erst irritiert und dachte, jemand würde Deine Ideen (samt Bildern) klauen. Aber dann kam mir in den Sinn, dass Du vermutlich ja auch Deutsch sprichst. Ich meine, mich zu erinnern, dass Du mal von einer Zeit in Deutschland berichtet hast.

Jedenfalls habe ich es in den letzten Jahren sehr genossen hier täglich (ja wirklich!) vorbeizuschauen. Deine Kontinuität hat mich in dieser unverbindlichen Internetwelt immer ein bisschen beruhigt. Und Deine Disziplin habe ich immer bewundert.
Aber ich verstehe, Deine Beweggründe und ich bin sehr sehr froh, dass Du nicht komplett zu bloggen aufhörst. :-)

Ich werde hier weiter still mitlesen. Ich liebe Deinen Stil und Deine Kreativität! Danke dafür!

In case you don't understand German, I will be happy to translate it for you. :-)


Whaaaaaaaaaaaa........I'm sad for me but so happy for you!!! So generous of you just to share your thoughts and choices but of course you need to do all these lovely things your mention. Enjoy and I'll still be here reading.


Happy 5th blogversary!!!! I've been reading your blog for almost four years now and I enjoyed the fact that you always stayed just a blogger while a lot of other homey and DIY bloggers were turning professional. Thank you for great experience, knowledge, and laughter you provided during these years. Have fun in your PJ's on Sunday afternoon from now on!


I understand. But I will miss my daily posts. I remember when I discovered your blog a couple of years ago, from a picture on Pinterest. And then I read it from the beginning. It was a plethora of riches!

You have really changed the way I think about the home. For the whole time I've been reading you. I didn't have a real home. I could not unpack, organize or DIY anything. Now that I have a new place I've been doing things like taking care of the garden and the front, organizing things, and thinking about painting. You make it look so do-able.

Thank you, Benita.

Also at this point your new place is set up and there's less maintenance so you might be running out of things to post about!


I absolutely adore you and your blog, and absolutely support your decision to get off the computer and LIVE more!! Wishing you well, and so glad you will post occasionally so your adoring fans can still keep up with your doings. <3


I think its a beautiful decision. I cut back this year, and have read so many blogs with women who are doing the same. In some ways I think less posts means more time to develop content--a very good thing. xo julia

Kay Bierd

Love, love, love your blog. My morning is get coffee, read your blog and sometimes check news. Totally understand the why of cutting back but will miss it. I will still check everyday for awhile as that is my routine but am excited for you. Plus I feel confident that you'll share what you learn. Still a devoted fan regardless or your regularity!

Nancy in Canada

Ditto to all of the sentiments that have already been mentioned. Your blog has been part of my morning ritual for several years now and is going to be missed as my daily dose of Sweden, but when it does appear, it will be extra appreciated. I can't wait to hear what you end up doing with your free time as you always inspire us with your various projects, not to mention the glimpses of your Swedish life and culture. Congratulations on your anniversary and let the next chapter begin!


I always wonder how people with a full time job can keep blogging every day! I surely can't and I also don't want to. Blogging should be fun and no task. I am looking forward to your posts, whenever they appear in my reader.


I want to echo what everyone else has said. I appreciate you opening your home and life to us these past 5 years, and I wish you the best of everything. I think, while I will miss your daily posts, your blog will only get better when you are posting as the mood and subject matter strikes! I can't wait to see what comes next!

K.C. Conner



Of course, I am a little disappointed, but I totally understand that you want to have a little more time to spend in "real life". Enjoy!
Still looking forward to your posts! :-)


Congratulations Benita!

I have been here since almost day 1 so I am going to have major withdrawal symptoms! :D


This is fantastic news! I have been finding myself drifting offline more and more these days...it is a positive thing to want more time offline to pursue what you love.

Good for you! Much love and support.


Phew, vilken tur trodde för en stund att du skulle sluta helt ;)
Klokt beslut! Kommer dock sakna dina många inlägg men önskar dig lycka till med dina nya utmaningar.
Kram Katrin


Congrats for your 5th blogersary!
I don't really do the wonderful things you've been doing in your home but it sure gave me great ideas and i'm very greatful for that. I'm also happy for knowing you will live a bit more and i specially love the part when you say you will learn new stuff this is very important. Congratulations for your decisions, i will miss seeing posts everyday but i probably will come in here everyday just the same :-)



I want to add my voice and thanks to the list. You have been so honest, friendly and positive with all of us - I'm sure many of us regard you as an on-line friend! I love going through your archives - they stand the test of time.

Go have fun and live your life! It will be a treat to see a post from you in my in-box.


Completely in your corner, Benita. Why not relax and adopt a flex-schedule? Most bloggers I follow do and my joy in them is not diminished by their randomly spaced posts. Enjoy your life away from the keyboard!


Först och främst, stort GRATTIS till 5 fantastiska år! Jag har inte varit med alla 5 men inte långt därifrån ;) och är djupt imponerad av att du orkat lägga så ofantligt mycket tid på underbart inspirerande inlägg. Det är fullt begripligt att du vill ha tid för dig och det är dig väl förunnat. Hoppas du får hänga med kompisar och lära dig allt vad du nu känner för. Givetvis kommer jag att sakna dina dagliga inlägg men skulle abstinensen bli för stor mellan inläggen så finns det ju enormt mycket godbitar att gå tillbaka till. Njut nu av en skön sommar (hoppas vi ;)) och klia missarna lite från mig :).

Kram från Västkusten


Dear Benita,
Your blog was the one that began my love of blog reading - i am so very grateful for all your posts and understand completely your need to change and move forward! Thank you so very much for all your writing, time and commitment. I look forward to your future posts whenever they occur. You are an inspiration to me and, i'm sure, to many many others!


Thank you for sharing five years with us, especially for your sincerity. nichtdestotrotz i will visit you regularly, there are a lot of posts worth to read them twice or three times, love from germany, Ute

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

Thank you all so much for the sweet comments and encouragements! I love you guys!


The honor has been all mine! Thank you for your generosity in the past 5 years, you have inspired me endlessly, and I can never thank you enough. What ever you do with your blog, I am grateful for. Onward!


Din blogg är den jag alltid läser först av alla på min lista, och när jag läste ditt inlägg nu och såg varthän det barkade... så blev jag så glad att du inte ska lägga ner helt! (hann bli lite orolig där medan jag läste). Njut av mer fritid! Jag kommer självklart att fortsätta följa chezlarsson!


I live in Vancouver, Canada so for many years have enjoyed your blog while having my first cup of coffee. However ,life changes and you must stay true to yourself. Wille is growing up and that will bring changes in your life. My kids are 20 and 18 lovely young adults not that I see them that often anymore....Thank-you for all that you have shared. Thank-you for continuing to blog as much or as little as that maybe.


You're blog has kind of been like an anchor for me as over the past five years I've changed jobs, houses and had a child. I'm now entering a new phase in life where I can think of the things I really want to do and what and who is important- what is valued(have an amazing family, in a job that I love, going back to school, have friends that I adore, etc)- and I've been making these kind of changes, too- so the timing is just very cool. I like it a lot that you will continue to inspire me on this new track we both are on! Cheers to you from Chicago!


Yours are the first blog I always go to. I will really, really miss our daily posts if you cant do them anymore. Can you find a way to give up the day job and just do this? Youve got such a talent, great sense of style, and amazing DIY and photography skills, please keep sharing them. It would be such a waste not to! With thanks for all the inspiration from London xxx

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