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May 22, 2013


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Claire/Just a little less

Love the picture ledge it makes the area so intimate :)


einen wundervollen Platz hast Du erschaffen ♥♥♥
wunderschön !
LG Petra


Nice! Sharp and fresh and very Benita :)


Oh wow, I was just looking at that exact desk setup for my 12 year old DS at IKEA this last weekend. I love it, especially with the green and little white shelf, I liked those legs in the shop but seeing them in your setup I am sold. :)


Now there's a lot of useful things on the table and yet it looks nice and uncluttered. That's so you! Love that green and how easily it frames the office spot. So neat!
PS. Your Ps and Pss made me smile ;)


With all of your interesting rearraging, where is your bed now?


Jen'isère - It's downstairs: http://www.chezlarsson.com/myblog/2012/08/bedroom-update.html


I love your unfussy approach to decoration, and how it always ends looking clean and easy in the eyes.
Benita = unpretentious chic.


Ha ha, Pablo is so cute next to the striped cat! Is it him or Dali who was obsessed with cats?


Sophia - Not sure. I know Andy Warhol did a whole series of cute cats though :)


är inte det här från dig?



Cat's bed is great :)


Tvärtom fast mycket bättre som Puh skulle sagt!


E- Yes, från gamla huset. Har dock inte kvar kaninen :).


I like this change! And the white lamp. And the white holder for knick knacks on your table. Where did you get it from?
My cats also use my desk for jumping to the windowsill.
Is your desk really stable to work on with?
And where did you get that transparent mat under your keyboard?
Thank you!


jja- The porcelaine tray came from a flea market, the desk IS table to work at and the transparent mat came from IKEA.


This looks really fab, well done!


I adore how simple this is but how much of a statement it makes. So smart, so cute, and it's not very expensive, either. Love it!


Love the green...I did get a similar cat bed here after seeing yours at this site...they get them instock frequently http://fab.com/inspiration/mint-pei-pod-with-yellow-cushion

molly h

love it. reminds me of the old green chalkboards at the elementary school i attended.


I love the new set up! What a great idea with the color block--perfect for someone like me who is afraid of doing a whole wall in such a bold color!


LOVE this, Benita! I've been known to do something similar behind framed prints for a little something extra!


looks AWESOME!!


Hi Benita,

I usually LOVE what you do but this time, I am not keen on 'the facing the wall' office space. It is not good karma to have your back to the window.


Glad Pablo got a good seat!

Juliane at Modern Mural

So lovely! The green+white color scheme is so clean and bright. The green in front of your desk is perfectly sized.


It looks great!


Looks great and so uncluttered ! My desk set up is marred by visible cables from printer, two external harddrives, speakers, and a multi USB port. How do you hide your cables?


Lynne - There's just a single cable from the iMac running under the desk and down along the leg of the table to the oulet and ome from the lamp also running along the leg. Gotta love Macs for that reason alone!


Gillian - I'm not bothered about karma or Feng Shui or any of that type of thing, I just go with what feels good and works for me.


First I did not like the table against the wall but with the green paint and the picture ledge it looks really good!

Christine chatelain

Hi Benita,

First of all .i will Way , iMovie your Blog.
I m a French Woman living in Germany.
I Would like to ASK you where do you buy your desktable and is that a Eames chair ?



The desk is from IKEA and the chair is a faux Tulip Saarinen chair.


As you are used to say "I la la love it". ;-)


so SMART! Loved that!

Dana from CT

Day late on this but I just saw a similar cat bed for those that are interested:

Love the green Benita!


great working space! I just bought the same desk, and am so excited to use it. Could you share where your file cabinet under the desk is from? thanks!


Lyndsey - The drawer unit is also from IKEA, it's the Helmer http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/40107872/#/10251045


I admire and like the way you use blocks of painted color to define a space. It is something I have seen written about but you actually do it very successfully. I tend to use art or objects (for example, in the analogous place over my desk I have a ribbon board). But a block of color really pops and it's easy to change.


I have read your blog a long time now and get really inspired by it. I love the New York skyline on the shelf. Am in NY right now and would like to buy one so I hope for a quick answer.


Jeanette - I'm not 100% sure where I got it as I've had it for a few years. I think it was at the Moma gift shop. Hope you find it!

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