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May 20, 2013


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Ramona K

Yes, our furry friends sure love the garden fleece don´t they? I have to rig up constructions so they don´t park themselves on top of my tender plants.
Hope you´ve managed to get rid of the hackers!
Have a good week Benita


Still no response fom the Twitter support team. Hopefully later today!


Mini is so amusing; she seems too sweet to chase another cat out of the house ;-)
You sound very happy today so I guess your new un-scheduled blogging is working well! :-)
I do hope you will be able to fix all your blog internet issues soon.
BTW, it seems spring really arrived to your country. Here in Spain we are having an absolute madness, weather speaking: from unbearably hot (36º) to have again snow in the mounatins in 24 hours.
Is the white plant int he photo an hydrangea? The flowers seem to be bigger and softer than the ones I usually see here. Lovely!


I am feeling happy! The weather is nice and warm and I didn't sit at the computer that much yesterday :)
And yes, it is a hydrangea. Love them!

Heather P.

Mini cracks me up! She's so funny and loyal, it's great! Good luck with getting your Twitter account back to normal - I've never had that happen to me, but if it ever does, I'm sure I'll be here asking for advice! :-)

Jules Means

Just checking to see if my comment will post...this is the thing I don't like about bloglovin...oh and also that it doesn't let me click on a link. I wrote to them, but no answer.. Jules


Looks like you were able to post!


Good Girl, Mini!
Diesel, the mini version of Lion King :-).


I know, you should see him with his mane blowing in the wind. Beautiful!


Haha before i read the post i thought Mini was a stone under the white cloth and Diesel looks like a lion, so cute!


"nd occasionally you can see her walk along the whole length of it like a little mole"

LOL! Great! What an awsome cat!

Poor Diesel, not being allowed to come in :-(


Benita your tulips are lovely! Do you dig them up after their season finish and do you keep them in the freezer till next year? I would like to try my hand at planting tulips - lots of white one's. BIG fan of your blog, love the kitties!


I planted these last autumn but I won't be digging them up. I'll leave them in and hopefully the emerging perennials will cover the wilting leaves. You leave the leaves until they come off easily when being pulled. That's when you know they've done their job so the bulb can produce new blooms again next year.

Josseline Wood

Benita I am so happy you are back. It was lonely in the past couple of weeks!
That Diesel is just too cute for words. :)


We want more Diesel ;)

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