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May 14, 2013


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Amycapdet / May

I saw the PairNIC image myself a few days ago. I refreshed the webpage and it came back perfectly fine, as usual. Hoping that it gets fixed quickly :)


I got that here at your place the other day, but figured I had clicked wrong somewhere. Now I understand why - hope they solve it quickly!


I discovered you through . . . I think it was YoungHouseLove, about three years ago. Have always marveled at your regular posting in spite of having a "real" life to live.

So, in spite of the fact that I'll miss having Chez Larsson as a guaranteed new post every morning with my oatmeal, I understand your decision.

Hope your "new" life is fully satisfying and prospers; I'll hope to share bits of it when you do post!


Margo Ayotte

Good for you, as much as I enjoy your blog it is your blog to do with as you like and sometimes life just takes over. I have always looked forward to receiving a new post in my inbox and thank you for sharing.

I will enjoy reading Chez Larsson in the future no pressure when ever you feel like sharing tid bits on how you are doing and perhaps a new project.

Meanwhile enjoy a wonderful Summer and wishing you good times ahead.

Margo on Vancouver Island

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