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May 09, 2013


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great idea!

Ramona K

Well done Benita! It´s amazing what little creatures of habit our cats are. Our fellows always take the same route on their rounds preferring if there is a choice to keep their paws clean and dry. Have to say though it´s an ongoing losing battle 8-0 to them.


That´s clever - you´re so ingenious! :-)


👍👍👍the idea is smart but your writing is hilarious


Aww so kind, especially to prevet frozen paw pads! And who would Have known unless you pointed this out to us. Merci.


Clever idea?

I have to ask, though... why do they go to the neighbor's yard? Our neighbor's cats come to our yard to poop and it is quite the problem, so I suppose I am sensitive about it. :)


Sorry, I meant: Clever idea! (not: ?) :)


This is a good idea to help keep your house cleaner. Miss Mini seems to like it.

Unfortunately, it may also help keep your neighbor's yard more full of kitty poop. Do your neighbors mind that?

Like Ellen, I may just be more sensitive than others about that, though.


Ellen & devil - They go to our neighbor's yard to lay on her lawn and patio. She loves cats and doesn't mind one bit :). I take care of her dog occasionally which also helps I guess. Also a lot of the time they just cross her yard to go further, they seem to like staying close to the houses as opposed to going through the park. If the catwalk wasn't there they'd still use that very same passage, now just with clean feet.

Julia Gibb

This is what I love about this blog. It inspires me to look for solutions to issues like this- in a way I never would have even considered before. Sometimes the solutions can be as simple as moving a rug to a different spot (I moved one right outside my bathroom to help trap litterbox paw leavings- itʻs machine washable), and sometimes you just gotta whip out the saw and the drill... whatever! Life is slowly but surely improving around my house!

Anyway, nice elegant solution!

Josseline Wood

Good idea!




Agree with Julia--this is what I love about your blog. I don't have kitties, but I am marveling at your cleverness!

Sandy (USA)

Clever. Miss Mini is too cute but Bonus has my heart! (Sigh) Wish I could have a cat if it wasn't for big time allergies.


Oh, I can't believe you didn't paint that board! Can you leave it there all summer unpainted? Even when the bushes grow, you will know it is unpainted. :) I'm teasing you but still...


Your cats are so cool.


It was kind of exciting to see if they like your solution or not, last part of your post made me smile, great cats!


I wonder how much time will pass before you paint that plank white... :)


Missy & Mribaro - I won't. It's larch wood and will grey over time just as the deck and will blend in much more into the soil then than if I'd paint it..


See now you can video them using it, and then cut the video using this song, and then post it...


on the catwalk... on the catwalk, yeah, I shake my little tush on the catwalk...



Project Runway :-).

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