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May 08, 2013


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SUCH an inspiration! I want to,get rid of everything I have and replace it with white. Or maybe just paint it all. That's probably a better idea. Thank you so much, per usual, for the glimpse into the cupboards of your ultra-organized life.


So nice! we have also some stuff stored in a closet, but I find it tricky because it's so deep. You do not see that as a problem?


Leena - I just pull it to the front and on occasion put very rarely used items behind them. Just need to remember I put them there :).


Hi Benita,

I love Muji containers and how clean it looks... I just don't like the price! Here (in Portugal) the prices are a bit higher...



Hi Benita,

Your blog look great and I would like to contact you for a collaboration opportunity, however you email on the blog doesn't seem to work. Would you mind giving me you email address here?

Best, Tabea


Tabea - You can get in touch by e-mailing benita(at)chezlarsson(dot)com


I love your organizing posts! We're in the process of painting our entire condo, following a week of intense renovations to the celiings & floor. Your blog provides the inspiration for many of our decisions. Painting the staircase tonight.


Amazing what two shelves can add to the organizing potential! Looks great!


Looks so great! I need to get some of those Muji drawers.

I have to say that when I'm at IKEA and perusing color options for items, I usually go with white. I've been influenced by your home/blog!


Amazing use of storage. I wish you could come to England and arrange my house!

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