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June 21, 2013


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Beautiful photo and awesome country! Happy Midsummers Eve! Have a very special celebration :)


I love this time of year. The grass looks great.


Yes the grass is looking good!

I am a reader in Zurich but I'm American and from Alaska specifically :-) So Midsummer is near and dear to my heart. It's at this time of year that I get especially homesick :-)


Hyvää juhannusta!

Hurdant är det att fira juhannus i Svierige? Är det samma än här i Finland?


We had our winter solstice celebration last night, Melbourne, Australia. Have been driving in thick fog till midday! Your garden is beautiful.


Libris - Jag har aldrig firat i Finland så jag vet faktiskt inte :).


Now THAT is a beautiful lawn! Emerald IS the Pantone color of the year and you have it spot on all over your yard! Such a trend-setter you are, Benita!

And a Happy Midsummer's Night to all! I always feel so Puck-ish when I say that! ;-)


I spent a few June days at the Isle of Sky in Scotland once and experienced a night like this. A beautiful, but also a strange feeling if you are not used to it. It was hard to sleep.
Happy Solstice.

Melissa @ HOUSEography

Wow! That is amazing. Note to self: visit Scandanavia in June!!

Sandy (USA)

Wow!! That's amazing and beautiful at the same time! I've heard of it from my husband's co-workers (they're Swedes), but I've never seen a picture of it. I had invisioned something totally different ... like really bright, but it's not is it?

Sandy (USA)

The tradition for mid summer's eve is fabulous (I googled) They never told me any of that of course! Did you do any of the traditions? I love the picking of flowers and making a wreath.

kari jo

just stunning.


Benita, in midsummer eve here in Finland people go to their summer houses, barbeque and set bonfires on lakeshores. Eating new potatoes with herrings is one tradition. Sauna is a must.


Happy Midsommer!

We had a beach yoga session just after sunrise today. Perfecto!

Josseline Wood

Wow! We're in Virginia, 9 pm and we are enjoying a beautiful evening. Not as stunning as yours but we're loving it. You are probably sound asleep by now. Sweet dreams!


Hej Benita :)

I was in Stockholm this time last year (my boyfriend and I took some time out from an Australian winter - which yes, does exist!) and found the midnight sun to be amazing. It was such a wonderful experience, to have that much sunlight. We would often go to bed at around 11:00pm, and then wake up due to jet lag at 2:00am - only to find it was light outside! I took a series of photos very much like this one - and then made sure to show all of my friends, and tell them "yes, it was 11:00pm/3:00am when this was taken!". I also found the sunlight itself to have a very different quality in Sweden than in Australia. Over here, in summer the sun is so hot and bright - but in Sweden, it was quite pleasant even during the height of summer!

I'm very jealous, and can't wait for our extra sunlight in another 6 months. I hope you enjoyed your midsummer very much :)

- Jessamy


I visited Norrbotten several times many years ago. I remember the sun shinning at night and forgetting to go to bed the first few nights. Really loved it.

the spectator

And happy Winter Solstice from Down Under!

Do you experience difficulty in getting to sleep with it being so light outside?


Sandy - It's not bright, more of a dusky feeling. I'm not big on the traditions other than eating the pickled herring :).

Libris - Over here tradition is dancing around the may pole, having dinner (gravlax, pickled herring, new potatoes etc) outside. Not much Sauna going on though :).

The Spectator - It can be difficult to sleep but the most difficult part is remembering to go to bed in the first place because it doesn't feel that late :).


Crazy! Get it while you can!

Mia Gutierrez

How wonderful! Although this would be fatal for me, as I never really look at my watch and I would definitely oversleep the next morning, but I do so love being outdoors when it is still light.

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