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June 26, 2013


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Lorna From Atlanta

The square dishes are awesome, the herring? Not so much but my Dutch husband would love it.


Mmmm it looks good. I would take the Salmon (being Alaskan born and raised) and my husband would adore the Herring.




I´d totally eat that. As you I´m not a big fan of beer in general but those dishes scream for a good beer. And maybe an Aquavit afterwards.


Hey Benita, are those the clear Lempi stacking glasses from Iittala by Matti Klenell? If so, how do you like them? I am thinking to get them.


James - They are. I love them!


Happy midsummer Benita, your spread looks lovely, even though I don't eat meat or fish. I think I'll make a copy of your styling at the weekend though, and hope for fine weather.

It is so true that eating certain foods should not be too regular, it might be that it keeps us healthier, especially when it is the preserved foods.

Best wishes, Mal


Looks wonderful!


Can't get Iittala products here!


I ett gammalt inlägg vet jag att du skrivit om att du fått hjälp med att täta ett glapp mellan huset och muren (eller nåt sånt) ner till källaren. Tog du hjälp av några du kan rekommendera? Skulle behöva hjälp med samma sak här hemma. Gillar verkligen din blogg förresten!


Pickled fish and eggs... not something this American would enjoy. But it sure it pretty the way you shot it!

Is Wille old enough to have alcohol in Sweden? Here it's 21, though of course if your parents want to let you drink a beer or wine at home that's their business. (usually)


Oh yum, I really wish we could have delicious sill here in the states...alas, the jarred kind from Ikea, just not my favorite. So I usually serve meatballs and smoked salmon instead, so good! I felt pretty lucky, I had 43 people over this year! (photos here!)


Michelle - Wille's 19 and the legal drinking age over here is 18. It means you can order alcoholic drinks in restaurants but you can't buy them at a licor store until you're 20.


Skål, Bridget! :)


Var så god, Benita! :)


Linda - Jag mailar dig!

Rachel Moran

That looks like such a good meal! I love fish and I could probably give up meat, but not fish.


We eat herring in Poland too and I love it. Looks delicious.


Love your Smorgasbord style of eating, might try that with my fussy boys!


Vilket fint porslin! Var hittar man sånt?


Emelie - De små (från Arabia) har jag ärvt av min mamma och de större har jag nyligen fått av mitt ex Martin som hittat dem på loppis. Jag såg faktiskt likadana själv på lokala loppisen i förra veckan så tips att kolla loppbodarna! Vet att Granit har snarlika men inte fullt så djupa och lite mer rundade hörn: http://granit.com/?id=6570

Robyn :)

I love pickled herring. My mom and I would have it on New Year's Eve. Her sister in law introduced her to the tradition. I think it is Polish and is supposed to bring good luck :)


I love how your traditional 'feast' foods are so healthy. It is wonderful. No wonder the Swedes are such lovely lookin' people! They eat such healthy food.


I was just thinking the same thing Shana! Gosh if our traditional foods in the UK were anything like so healthy, Jamie Oliver would never have to crusade again!

Amy @Five Kinds of Happy

Ahh I miss Swedish food! So delicious. And quite healthy compared to other culture's special-occasion food!

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