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June 19, 2013


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She is a beauty queen!


Stunning!See what you get when you venture away from from white?


Who blinked first!


Hello there, Miss Mini. Green suits you :)

Sarah @ 20 State

Who doesn't love a shot of the pets! I love my La La and Flo Flo (yep, double pet naming alert) and would love to dedicate an entire blog post to them!


Whew..I thought this was gonna be a sad one when I saw the title. So happy it's just a shot of a beautiful girl!


Ahhh, so cute!


I love the way she is looking directly at the camera, this is an artistic portrait, indeed!


OMG she is so adorable :)


Glamour Shot :-).


Yep, Glamour is the right word!

Robyn :)

My cat was looking over my shoulder as I saw this lol. He thinks she is pretty

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

Haha, Robyn :).

Valeria Roman

For a moment I was also concern. So happy to see her well. X


I love Mini! And, my boycat, Swarmer, agrees with Robyn's cat. Swarmer thinks Mini is the bee's knees.


Mini's so adorable. I can tell she's thinking, "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. Nuts to that - go ahead and hate me cuz I'm awesome!"

Well, that's my interpretation. :)


I love a tortie girl! I have my own, Georgia.

la marmotte

oh this photo ir really really superbe !
i love the green of the door with the green of the eyes !

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