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June 27, 2013


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That's great, Benita! I'm so pleased that you're on the beyond-side of improved! My plantar fasciitis is in remission but if I don't watch it, it creeps back until I dial back my activities. I envy that you're beyond that. Good for you!

On the subject of podcasts, are you taking suggestions? Assuming you are--:-)--have you tried Radio Lab? How about 'The Moth'? And one of my favorites is one from Canada--'Definitely Not The Opera'.

Enjoy your power walks! Bread is so worth it!


Peggy - Thanks for the suggestions! So far I've only listened to Swedish ones but as soon as I'm running low on my favorites of those I'll look yours up!


I love power walking and mix it with my usual runs - good combination! :-)


Congratulations on your remission! That must have been a hard two years. Like Peggy, I love Radio lab and the Moth. I would add Fresh Air to the list as well. Eat bread and be well:)


Bra jobbat!! Härligt att komma igång igen, visst är det!
Täntke höra vad du har för tips när det gäller podcast? Vilka lyssnar du på och tycker är bra?

Önskar dig en fantastisk sommar!


Sandra - Jag lyssnar på "Hannah och Amanda", "Alex och Sigge" och "Värvet". Gillar alla tre massor!

Mattias Kesti Östergren

Jag podcastpromenerar varje dag jag med. Genom att sätta uppspelningshastigheten på 1,5 gånger hastigheten eller till och med dubbel fart (om det är bra ljudkvalitet och programledarna pratar tydligt från början) så är det lätt att hålla tempot uppe. :)


Mattias - Det råkade jag göra en gång men då lät Alex Schulman som en smurf :).


Go, go, go, go Benita!!!!


So glad you're in remission. PF is so darn painful. I got an injection a few years ago and that has helped, but was very painful to do too. Good luck with the power walking. I'm planning on starting that soon too, when I gety some more help with the kiddos at the weekends.

Heather P.

Great to hear you're back at it! I've been sidelined for the past two weeks from my daily hikes and bike rides, and I didn't realize how much I'd miss it! That's cool that you have a lot of trails to walk on - I kinda wish we had more here too!


Hi Benita
If you are a podcast fan check out this one
http://www.ricksteves.com/radio/podcast.htm or look up Travel with Rick Steves on the itunes podcast page. I listen to podcasts every day and I like this one. Enjoy and good luck with the PW :)


Thanks Sonia, I'll check him out!


Hey, after so many years of great tips from you I am thrilled to finally have one to share back! - PT can be helped by rolling the underside of your foot over a tennis ball. Start gently and build up, you'll feel the tendons on the underside of your foot loosen.


Jag kan rekommendera P3 dokumentär också - finns massor av dokumentärer om allt möjligt och de är nästan alla intressanta och välgjorda.


Älvan - Jag har hört att de är bra, det blir nästa tror jag!


Amy - I tried that and a bunch of other things too but it mae matters worse and just resting has worked the best :).


Hi I had this as well for a couple of years. I tried cortisone injections which did not help at all. One time when I was replacing my sneakers (Asics a good brand) they were unavailable. I chose another cheaper pair with the heel piece seperate (hmmm hard to explain) I walk twice a day for about 40 minutes each time (I have dogs!!) From day 2 of wearing these new sneakers the pain disappeared completely and 4 years down the track has not come back!


Vad härligt för dig. Det är skönt att kunna rör sig igen, sambon har opererat hälen och det var hemskt innan och just efter men nu är han som ny. Har startat träna igen jag med och det gör skillnad. Tack för dina fina inlägg här och lycka till med träningen!


Good for you! I've just started doing the same thing. Even though I don't know half the people he interviews, Alec Baldwin's Here's the Thing podcast is very interesting and entertaining. I wonder if it is for folks not living in America, but hey, you are a New York-lover, so you might just love it.


Hi Benita. I've read your blog for years, but this is my first comment. I too have suffered for the last 6 months with PF. It only went away when I started to eat low carb high fat. Do you think your recent grain-free diet might have helped your recovery?

Thank you for all the inspiration and eye candy over the years. Someday I hope to visit your city.


I second Alec Baldwin's Here's the Thing podcast as well as Rick Steve's. Rick Steve's voice is so calming. I also like TBTL, the Moth, Livewire and Splendid Table.

U Look Hungry is a food, culture, lifestyle podcast from Brooklyn.

My husband suffered from PF and a physical therapist friend and my doctor cousin both said it usually lasts 18 months and cold rolling actions such as rolling the bottom of your foot over a frozen orange juice can does wonders. Almost to the day, my husband's disappeared after 18 months.


Anmarie - I have to say I don't think so. Apparently the average healing time when you don't do anything other than rest is 18 months to two years which is spot on. I ate low carb for 18 months until very recently and it didn't speed things up.

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