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June 17, 2013


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Fröken Fräken

Ha, det där ansiktsuttrycket säger allt!
"Vaddå, skulle JAG inte få vistas här på bordet?! Duka fram lite mat istället människa" :-)


I think Diesel has has adopted you...

LG Ela


I like the photo of your mailbox hidden in the hedge. White peonies are one of my favourite summer blooms. Have a good week.


Ela - I've told his owner that if it were up to me and Bonus he can move right in :). Mini's still not entirely a fan yet though...


How I love your photography! The peonies picture would look amazing blown up. Have a good day/week! :)


"Mjau'scuse me, need to use the bathroom, desperate... And don't mind if I do have a little nibble while en route to the amenities."


Haha, Lisa :)


Beautiful images! I like them all--especially the one with your mail box playing hide-and-seek! ;-)


oh! How I loved the look of Diesel, a well-captured moment! Thanks for sharing, Benita!

Vicky Williams

Mini and Bonus on the nip -- say it ain't so!


I wonder if Diesel also wants to cuddle with you. He's so adorable :-)


Silvi - He doesn't mind a cuddle at all :).

Dana from CT

Oh how I love hard boiled eggs and pickled herring! Yum!! I know Diesel is probably a Norwegian Forest cat but he looks like a Maine Coon cat! My sister's in-laws just got two Maine Coon kittens. SO cute:)


Dana - He's actually a mixed breed with Maine Coon!


You're in good company!

Heather P.

Looks like Diesel is making himself pretty comfy! Reminds me of all the times we'd show up at each other's houses as kids - already knowing which house has the best snacks, best toys, and most laid back parents (which was my house, of course). :-)

Sandra Williams

Benita, what program do you use to make your photo collage? I love the way these will look put together in your yearly book!


Sandra - I use Page in Photoscape http://www.photoscape.org/ps/main/index.php So easy to use! I also use Photoscape for editing my photos.

Sandra Williams

Thanks Benita, I will give that a try!

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