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June 12, 2013


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Your décorations were simple sophistication in a practical way. So in character with your style!


Beautiful...and Wille have so much luck with his mother!
...and the mother with Wille..:)
I am also a single parent and somehow you are a role model for me .... love benita and anyway by decoration and organization.

Ela from Blackforest

cath w

Wonderful! You must be very proud of him :-)


Amazingly beautiful and original!


Beautiful! Wille has a cool mum! :)


Great ideas.


Classic and beautiful!


Looks great! Congratulations to Wille!


So, so nice! Congrats once again to Wille. If you ever want to go wild and switch careers you can be a party organizer. I'd be a very willing customer!

Sandy (USA)

So simple and pretty! I seriously LOVE all your pictures. Your photography skills are crazy fantastic! BTW, I noticed you reorganized the right side of your blog to make finding things easier ... LOVE IT! I've been hanging out here everyday for a little while catching up to posts from when you first started. You have come a long way lady! Love your blog! :-)


Awwww! Wille is such a lucky boy having so amazing mom (and the rest of the familiy too). Everything was so nice!


Thank you all!

Sandy - I'm glad you like the change!


Wille's graduation AND... a Swedish Royal Wedding! It's a festive week in the cold north!!!


beautiful decor and photos (as usual!!)

I smiled when I saw your theme was "white"... very you!

I love, love, love (and will use the idea) your use of photo labels to create continuity among decor items and thank you notes, guest bathroom soap, etc.


So happy for you all! I most liked the way you arranged the flowers, so simple yet beautiful.


You must be a very proud mum. I remember when my daughter graduated from University last year, my jaw ached because I was so proud and had a permanent smile on my face!

Also, Willi must be so proud of his mum for putting on such an amazing celebration meal for him complete with your amazing simple white & black decorations.

Well Done Benita



Så fantastiskt fint du har gjort det för Wille! Vilken härlig dag ni fick! Underbara dekorationer - enkelt och fint, som alltid bäst!

Tony N.

What a gorgeous graduation party. So elegant and clean. Congrats to you both!

RC in NY

Just want to echo the other commenters saying how interesting it has been to read about Swedish graduation traditions - I only know about US and UK proceedings and I thoroughly enjoyed each post. Love the caps - so much nicer than mortarboards. Congrats to Wille. :)

P.S. Also the reorganized sidebar is really nicely done.


Very, very lovely. Thank you for sharing this fun and exciting day.


I was just wondering -- did you eat outside? Bc your indoor table only seats 4...? Or was there some creative way to compensate for that?


Michelle - We did sit outside. I had borrowed a table very similar to our patio table from a neighbor and made a long table where we could all sit comfortably. We have six patio chairs (four on the patio and two on the balcony normally) + the four dining chairs. It worked really well!

Claudia Martins

Congratulations to Wille and his mama! Very well done, it seems you had great fun doing the decoration.


Love your styling for this celebration - great job! Lots of ideas here to inspire me. Congratulations to Wille too.


Congratulations to Wille and to you and family! The theme was perfect for the auspicious occasion.


Vilka roliga dekorationer med de små klistermärkena. Finurligt, snyggt och bra!

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