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July 04, 2013


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Lorna from Atlanta



Thanks for the idea how to use mayo! And happy July!


Don't forget about your Canadian friends! We celebrated on Monday. =)


Thank you, and Happy July 4th to you too! I'm always extra homesick today because it's my favorite holiday.

Those hamburgers look SO good...and I'm with you on the free range eggs. We're working on educating ourselves on eco animal farming in general, but we've bought only eggs from "happy chickens" for years.

Sandy (USA)

Thank you Benita! Happy July to you.


Happy belated Canada Day, Nikki and all you other Canadians!!!


Happy 4th back to you!

I think it's really funny that Hellmann's mayo is what's moving across the pond. As a west coast american, I had never even heard of it until I went back east to college. Apparently Hellmann's is east of the Mississippi River and Best Foods is the same brand but west of the Mississippi River. A little americana trivia for you.


Megan - I love knowing stuff like that!

Michele S

What a nice surprise to be wished "Happy 4th" from Sweden! Thank you so much. And a general thank you for continuing your blogging after you decided to reduce your activity on the blog. I'm appreciative of all the posts you make, no matter how often or seldom.


Thanks for the 4th of July greeting! Sweet pickle + Mayo = basic tartar sauce, favored by many in the U.S. with fried fish.


As a fellow mayo lover and as an American, thanks for the greeting. Mayo is one of those things where just a little adds a lot! And try it with fries!


I love your spirit Benita, and especially your love of my hometown NYC, but... sweet corn on a burger???? Not in (New) Jersey for sure!


Beautiful photos!

I make a salad dressing ( in the bottom of the salad bowl, fresh each time). Chopped garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper and add just a dab of mayo. It is delicious and the bit of mayo gives it a nice creamy texture:)

Antartic Pin

Thanks from Florida!

P.S. Love Hellmans too! ;)))


Liz - I'll try that!

Martha - I started adding corn when Wille was much younger and refused anything "wet" or veggie on his burgers. They basically consisted of the bun and the meat. He did like sweet corn though at the time so I added that and it's stayed on ever since :)

Kari - I've had mayo on fries lots of times in Hong Kong and I think it's the way to eat fries in Belgium. So good! Unfortunately not ALL carbs are back in my diet...


Mmmhhhh looking good! Ok, so since I'm a German girl living in Canada (Happy Canada Day to everyone :), but having lived in Australia for years before that.....I HAVE to mention pickled beets on burgers! Delicious!


I'm all for joining in celebrations! My (British) nephew was wished a happy 4th July when he began teaching in Japan, he had no idea what it was for at first. He assumed it was a Japanese holiday, when he realised he was very amused. He was also asked about Thanksgiving customs in the UK by a US colleague, and possibly made up some exotic ones. Happy weekend. Mal


Thank you!

And how cute is that box!

I mix mayo with canned tuna (drained) and chopped celery and eat that as a sandwich with iceberg lettuce. Yum!


For sure thumb up for free range eggs they use!


sorry, Wille....the sweet corn on the burger threw me for a loop, too.


Mm, beetroot and a fried egg, fried onion and a slice of pineapple. Sooo good

Thumbs up to Hellmans for switching to free range. When a massive company like unilever makes such a move it can change the whole industry. It's really really goodto see them doing this.

For the rest of us, though, there's a step up from free range, called pastured in the US, where the chickens really do range free. The free range designation allows the chicks to starttheir lives indoors and then as adults they're offered access to a small area of grass. Having been rased inside of course they never go out! It's really just another name for barn laid. Which is definitely better than battery hens, but it can be better.

Josseline Wood

How nice to know you celebrated our national holiday! Corn on the burger? Why not. We eat it on the side. Same difference.


How fun that Hellmans sent you that box. Thank you for posting your families burger recipe. I love trying new food combinations. I am curious, did you add dill (sour) or sweet pickles to your mayo? Either way, it sounds like a great addition to a burger. I look forward to trying it.

A friend recently introduced me to adding mayo, chili powder and a sprinkle of lime juice to our corn on the cob. Messy but yummy! A little know fact, add a very small touch of yellow mustard to the mayo and you have british salad cream. I love adding the salad cream, sweet pickle relish, and chopped celery to tuna and using a large piece of lettuce to wrap it in. My husband loves to add corn to his tuna salad, I have to admit it is very good. Thanks for letting me share our mayo uses with you. Have a great weekend.


Lisa - They are sour pickles. Thanks for the recipes, they sound yummy!


Love that wooden shipping box!

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