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July 30, 2013


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Looks promising! Can I ask where you got the foam core board? Looking for a good source in Stockholm or Uppsala.


AnnaKW - You can get foam core att Matton http://www.mattonbutiken.se/index/browse/category/1231/Panna_Kartong/Cellpannaer.html

the spectator



Huh, I didn't know you have Valio milk in Sweden. Well, the cartons are way prettier than here in Finland *sigh*.

Can't wait to see the final product!



Jules Means

Cool project but have to admit the cool scissors really got me. I love Fiskars, too. Priced so reasonably, I just throw them out when they get stiff or nicked to death. Growing up scissors were revered in our house. Each pair had its own use and they cost the earth to have sharpened.

RC in Upstate NY

Aaagh! The suspense! :-)


I am absolutely loving following you on your blog. So many fun projects and beautiful photos! Thank you!

Paul Peterson

Great DIY! I envy your skills. Thanks for sharing this one. Thumbs up! http://allamericanpaving.us/


How do you clean the shovel and bucket from the concrete mixture? This is the only reason I don't do concrete. But surely you have the answer!


Debbie - The trick is yo use it all up and wipe the bucket and shovel to get everything off. What little residue there is left gets hosed off after that. Be sure to do it when the concrete's still wet though. I usually do it under some bushes. If you have concrete left over, transfer it to some piece of cardboard or a thick paper bag and let it cure in there before tossing it but clean the tools right away.

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