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July 25, 2013


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Beautiful Mini :-), with such a companion any work makes fun!


Mini girl? Better get outta there pronto, or there might be more than a number set in concrete!


Yes, Mini, listen to Dusa!


I love your concrete work. I have to try it. I am wondering if you have any magical solutions for cleaning concrete so I would not have to hire a professional. Our conrete patio has plant mold marks from pots. Any solutions besides ajax that I have tried and was not very useful.




Mona - Buy or rent a power washer. Works like a charm!


hope with anxiety ... I imagine it will be amazing.
see you



I have to tell you something funny (or maybe creepy, hmmmm..). We just bought an older house that has some yucky build-up (you know; layers of crusty paint, weird little remodeling jobs, general old age) and whenever I just don't have a clue how to start on something I just think "What would Benita do?" It's like you are there, guiding me!

We're removing layers of wallpaper this weekend, in case you're wondering what your plans are. :)


Andrea - That's so sweet :). And congrats on the house!


HAHAHA! That little girl is so funny with her photobombs. Cardboard tube, still cardboard tube, then cardboard tube AND MINI. And that look in her eye - you just try and tell her to get out of the shot :)

Anncha @ Stiligahem.se

Looking forward to seeing how your concrete project develops.

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