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July 24, 2013


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Well done, Benita! There are so many homes (including mine...) where unfinished bits abound! And no wonder your previous home sold so quickly, with the high standard of finish you achieve!!!!


Why, oh why can't I finish things off. I'm awfully good at starting :) I must take an example from you.


I agree with Maddy. It's the little details that make a home outstanding when compared to similar ones and your style stands out especially at this :)


Those are the little things that make the impression whether the apartment is renovated properly or in a hurry. Finishing them needs patience... By the way, did you get any discount as you did the finishing job yourself instead of the contractors?


Libris - I didn't pay for work I ended up doing myself :).


great job of filling that gap! can't tell it was ever there. brava!!


Two things,
I know you're not completely finished the pipe trim, but when you do turn them 90degrees so that the wood grain lines up with that on the floor. I get the impression you would be particular as I am about those types of things.
Could you come finish all of my little bits? I'll make a list first, promise.


Your attention to even the smallest detail is amazing! Fantastic!


Very amazing your attention to the smallest detail.
I think a great job goes to the smallest detail
Don't go to Chinese hotels, you will be horrified


You continue to inspire me with your talent and stick to it ness.


A random thought about your uncomfortable throne. As someone commented under that post you can change the seat. The KAN-seat is universal and very very comfortable. I grew up with one (that sounds weird..) and immediately change for one when I move.


It might not be as pretty as the one you have but still ok. The plain white look very sleek in my opinion.


Good job - I'm impressed at how well it turned out. Who needs contractors when you have Benita around, right?


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