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July 01, 2013


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Agree, Bonus at his best!
The bread looks yummy.

Estee Tea

Looks yummy, I'm trying to get back to the habit of bread making after the local school holidays too.


Bonus is a beautiful boy. I make bread in a Panasonic now, and it is always excellent. I like controlling the ingredients, using honey instead of sugar, and reducing the salt, and getting good flour and oil. It also makes it really easy to add ingredients like fruit and nuts. I must seek out the fig tree blogs. They are popular here in gardens and greenhouses, but not as a pot-plant.

Really just wanted to wish you a wonderful vacation.

Mal xxx


Be careful with the fig! It's toxic to cats and dogs if eaten.


That looks like a REAL fig tree... those that do give figs, in a warm climate that is. Not the other one, the most popular and beautiful plant on the blogosphere.

The bread looks scrumptious! Can you tell us the recipe?...please, please, please... :)


Yep - that is a fruit-bearing fig tree. The bloggy one is called a Fiddle Leaf Fig, Ficus lyrata, and doesn't bear fruit. The leaves are quite a bit different. I have a fruit-bearing one in a container and the figs are delicious! Enjoy it!


Paige - Mini and Bonus never touch house plants so I think we're safe but it's good to know, thanks!

Mlq - My friend Sanna who lives in the city has a fig tree in her kitchen all year around and she has fruit on hers so I'm hoping :). I'll make a note to translate the recipe!


Benita, your week looks beautyfull as allways- Bonus is is best!

Enjoy our vacation!

Hannes Uys

Beautiful montage! The cat stole the show.


hi benita!
we do our own bread too...and is a pleasure by morning when i go down stairs and in the air theres only the smell coffe and fresh bread.
my day starts well!

BONUS has already in your blog is own space... please don't stop to give us news about him.



The bread looks very yummy! I didn't know that a fig tree is THE thing at the moment, I might have to look into that LOL


I love home made bread. You can even make it low carb, depends what you put in, and good olive oil makes everything better.
I love my bread baking machine, it takes just less then a minute to put everything in and then with the timer you have a smell of the freshly baked bread first thing in the morning all around your home!
Bonus looks wow! Or mewow!

What does nursery means? I always thought something with babies.

Have a nice vacation!


jja - Nursery can mean where they bring up baby plants.


Do you have an english version of your bread recipe, Benita?


Kristi - I don't but I've made a note to translate it at some point.


It looks soooo good. Thank you!


I live in the Mediterranean, where fig trees grow everywhere, and I've never heard of trouble with the cats or dogs and fig trees. My cats would always scratch their nails to the fig tree, and were never interested in the leaves or fruit, so I really don't think there's any danger there.
Still, I can't believe a fig would give fruit in such a small container, they are famous for having really big roots.

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