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July 22, 2013


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Nice back-to-work-week for you! Waiting to see your gamla stan pictures. Jere in Finland the summe holiday weather turned out to be a fall... It is so windy and cold that you cannot STAY outside, just go for jogging (or picking berries into the woods as everyone seems to be doing and a little bit competing about the best picking places and the amount of the result...)


A good reentreé to work and nice week for you too!


It´s a bloody perfect summer in Sweden this year, don´t you think?! At least in the southern parts, not sure about the rest of the country. ;-)


Tina - it HAS been awesome in the Stockholm area too but I hear it hasn't been great further up north.

Lorna from Atlanta

I'd love to see your photos from Gamla Stan. I walked those streets once. Nice little shopping area.

Heather P.

Looks absolutely lovely! I can't wait for the weather to cool down a bit here so I can do some outdoor reading too!


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