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July 11, 2013


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VERY cool! It looks fantastic.

He should be very proud; what a great project.


It's really beautiful! Is he happy with the sound?


Soo cool! Great achievement - and shows he has your genes ;)
My BIL is a very keen guitarist and has quite a collection (though he's never made one himself, he's no DIYer!!). He took my DH on a trip to New York to a guitar heaven and they spent hours choosing exactly the one that BIL wanted - DH said he learned so much just in that time!! BIL also has several custom-made models in various materials.
I love that wood - we kept some pieces of the raw mahogany used on our little boat when it was refurbished...


Jill - He is!

Mel - Wille and I also visited a couple of enormous guitar stores in New york :)

Ramona K

What a great project! Apart from the woodworking and the technical bits, it gives Willie insight into the great skills needed to build the things around us that we take for granted.
Looks super - a future family heirloom!

Sunny greetings from Uppsala
Ramona K

Yvonne @ Yvestown

This is the most beautiful guitar I've ever seen. Kudos to Wille!!


Really really cool!! I'm impressed!:o)


wow! the wood looks stunning - the whole guitare looks stunning!! great job!


Wow! Mooks great! Hope he likes the sound. You both are very talented in making different types of thongs. - By the way, what product do you suggest for cleaning the betweens of the bathroom tiles? I have tried also Sini product which is a narrow tight brush for them but I think it is too heavy as wet and sort of melts the paste between the tiles away.

Helen F

Hi, that's one pretty guitar!

Your description makes it sound easy, but must be lot of hard work behind the crafting.

Congratulate Wille to a beautiful instrument. Hope he will enjoy it forever!


Libris - I don't know if my way is the best way but I've sealed the grout with a sealer which makes it less prone to get dirty. Then I spray the tiles and grout and bathtub with diluted Ajax, let sit for a while and then use one of these http://international.vileda.com/upload/0000/9112/BathroomCleaning_bathr_cleaner_MG_0053_detail.jpg?1310653981 to scrub and then rinse with the shower head. From what I've heard from pro cleaners, the idea is to let the product do it's thing for a while and not just spray and wipe immediately.


Wille must be so proud of himself. That's a world class effort, if I've ever seen it!!


That looks so cool. So how does it sound...?

Heather P.

Wow, it turned out great!


Messy - It sounds awesome!


It is beyond cool! I am so very impressed with your boy!



lg ela


Wow that is so beautiful. Talented boy!


That is amazing. So lovely. I love that there is part that is lighter in colour. it makes it unique!

Josseline Wood

Are you kidding me? You all are beyond amazing.


Very Beautiful! Willie is obviously very talented.


Truly, absolutely gorgeous.


Like mother like son.... beautiful workmanship....


Very impressive!


B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. !!


Oh my, that is gorgeous! I think he gets it from you . . . the ability/willingness to tackle anything. Good Mama!


Very cool! Nice to see Wille following in your footsteps in terms of using power tools and making things.
Trevlig helg!


You probably visited Sam Ash in here in NYC, in midtown. It has a huge hands-on guitar selection. That's where I purchased my cream-colored "Eric Clapton" Fender Strat. (Love it!) But Wille's guitar is very impressive -- quite beautiful. Nice work!


That is extraordinary! What a very talented son you have!


A musician AND a talented craftsman! Any chance we could see/hear a sample of how the guitar sounds?


Like mother like son.:-)


Jag hoppas han är riktigt stolt över sitt jobb! Den är otroligt vacker och jag hoppas den hänger med tills han är gammal.


Vilket projekt! Den blev fantastisk!


*Very* cool, I would say! Nothing like making something that most people buy! Our 8 year old built his own desktop computer and his face lights up each time he turns it on :)

Mia Gutierrez

Beautiful!! Very impressive. Your son should be duly proud - and you too of course.



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