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August 07, 2013


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RC in Upstate NY

poor little girl! Mini, i am so glad you have a caring family who got you the medical help you needed. An untended abscess is painful and serious! Sending healing thoughts from a cat-filled farm in (upstate)NY.

Josseline Wood

Oh Minnie! Poor little thing. My two kitties and I hope you will heal very fast and that all of you will soon enjoy going outdoors again.

Mary Ann

Oh poor baby. I hope she gets better soon so she can go outside again. -Mary Ann

RC in Upstate NY

PS- About Mini being the toughie: we have a sort of cat refuge at our house - strays, ferals, etc, all are welcome to twice daily meals, fresh water, insulated and warmed beds inside the garage or barn (their choice). They all get names and a mandatory trip to the spay/neuter clinic and however much love they will tolerate (varying degrees of tameness). We've been doing this for typically about 15-20 cats for the past 10 years. We love animals and can't turn a blind eye to need so this is our small way of contributing. All this is by way of explaining that I've got a little bit of experience in the feline department. :-) And when it comes to tough, my money is always on the females! The males strut and yowl and look intimidating, but most of the time it's all show. The girls, however, don't mess around - they are afraid of nothing! :-)


Aww, poor little Mini!!! She so sweet and brave! A big hug for her and my best wishes so that she gets totally recovered soon! <3


I feel for Mini - and for you! it's been very warm here too, and keeping my fans going has helped tremendously. Good news is we had a big thunderstorm last night and it cooled off. Here's hoping that Mini will pick her battles better in the future.


RC - I LOVE what you're doing for all the kitties. They're SO lucky to have you!!!


Little Mini girl, you're just too brave for your own good! Get well soon, little lady.

Fat Cat

Oh poor Mini ! Hope all goes well at the vet today and that she'll be her old feisty self soon ;-)


Ohhh when I saw the picture of Mini, my heart broke! What a brave little soul. Nothing tugs at my heart strings more than an injured animal. So glad to hear Mini will be out that flap in no time.

xx A


Poor Miss Mini, hope she gets well soon. Greets Martina


poor little thijg. wish you all the best!!!!

Sandy (USA)

Oh this breaks my heart! Wishing a speedy recovery for your baby girl Mini! I was under the impression that she really doesn't leave the house much at all and that my man Bonus is the daring/wanderer one. Goes to show us that not only are females strong, but size doesn't matter either.


Having had a herd of cats over the years, I totally empathize with an unhappy kitty (making an unhappy family!) But sorry Miss Mini, I totally laughed out loud at your bow. And then showed it to my cat-lovin' co-workers who also laughed.

Good luck today with the suture removal!


Dear Mini, hope you'll be okay soon. Hugs from me and my 3 kitties. Greetings, Anja


Bless you RC, bless you.


and all I see is Mini saying "You should have seen what I did to the other cat"


get well soon kitty!

Sandra D

A similar thing happened to my lovely black cat, Buttons. He had to wear his collar for two weeks and couldn't go outside. It was a nightmare to be honest (I will spare you the incident of the poo!!) Happily he has completely recovered so good luck with your lovely puss.


Oh poor Mini! Those bites can abcess fast! I've had the same thing happen with one of my kitties on her fanny! I guess she was running away from the action.

Laura Leseberg

Years ago, we had a warrior cat too! She got bit on her flank, was shaved completely on her hind quarters (it looked like her tail was falling off!). She had 3 tubes running through her hind end. It was quite a sight! Someone came to measure for carpet while she was in this state - complete with cone - and asked what kind of pet we had!!


Sometimes I feel bad that our cats are indoor cats (we live on the 4th floor on Broadway in NYC so they never get to go outside) but then I see poor Mini.... Heres to a speedy recovery!!!!

Vicky Williams

Well at least the bow is cute! She's adorable anyway but a nice little touch since she has to wear it. Hope she and you guys are doing better. I know this can be stressful. Is she at least sleeping with you at night?


Vicky - We've separated Mini and Bonus because he hisses at her for looking strange so Bonus is with me at night and Mini has the option to go into Wille's room at night but she usually prefers to sleep in the living room :).

Ramona K

O m g that´s one tough cookie! Our fellows have been in quite a few cat fights but as a previous reader said they really avoid going head on.
My heart goes out to you. Living with a cat who is used to going out via the catflap is torture. Our Tom tried so hard once that he actually got through the flap with his collar on, taking the whole catflap with him. Funny in retrospect but NOT at the time.
Wishing you all a speedy recovery


Ramona - Sometimes I'm afraid that will happen when Mini sits there and bangs at the flap (for what seems like) ages. I was hoping she'd det rid of the collar when she got the stiches out yesterday but she needs to keep it on for another week and stay inside!


Poor little Mini! Hope you get well soon, sweet kitty!


God I think it must be a female cat thing! Our teeny tiny cherry (about 3.5-4.5 kg) was SO fierce, every single cat in our neighbourhood was afraid of her. She chased them and basically beat the hell out of them ;)

Thank god it was nothing too serious and Mini will be her brute self again soon ;) She does look adorable with the "bow" though :D


Love the bow!


Those photos of Miss Minnie are priceless . No translation needed! Wishing her a speedy recovery :)


poor Mini... everything os gonna be allright, baby!

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Oh God! Poor sweet bandit! It is interesting, most of the cats I know are toughies, male cats again are more anxious when it comes to the real thing, at least those who I used to know. My friend's little super sweet cat lady will beat the hell out of ANY cat or dog just trying to come near ther yard...once again, no home without female hand! ;-)

This is great photo, still trying - despite the situation - to look frightening LOL.

She is your watchdog! Like my cat too...as far as my male cat is considered everyone could take the apartment and me and him away.

"The first day was miserable as she sat by the cat flap meowing and not understanding why it didn’t open like normal."

:-(( poor Mini. Lucky cats outside ;-). I imagine what the other cats tell to Bonus in their cat language, we don't want to visit you since this crazy cat bandit scares us LOL.
I even thought for a second this is an old photo, 4 years ago...

Amazins photos, she seemes to be a real poseur :-). Many "get well" hungs and kisses from my tiger gang.

@ Laura - LOL
@ "and all I see is Mini saying "You should have seen what I did to the other cat" - indeed!

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