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September 05, 2013


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You have definitely inspired me! But since it's after midnight here, and I am ready to go to sleep, I'll tackle mine tomorrow.


I love your cleaning posts, because they inspire me to go clean a closet, the kitchen or even just a drawer. More of these posts, please.


I have also heard you should clean behind/back of the fridge - but what do you do if it's built in, I wonder? The only time I have seen the back of my fridge was when it was replaced! I can get to dust below by taking a drawer out that is under the fridge, though, so I guess that must be enough...


I could use the inspiration :)!!


We get that yellow stuff as well, I think it comes from Milk, as it is always in that area where we notice the yellow crusts.


You HAVE inspired me! Right now our fridge is known as the Refrigerator of Shame :/


Love Mini's look of shock!


Susan - I know, she's so funny :).


Good job! I just finished my pantry, and I must say, it's a thing of beauty to behold! I may (or may not!) be inspired to tackle my rather disgusting fridge after looking at yours! You inspire me.

Sandy (USA)

How I love your SMEG. Is that a freezer compartment up top? I'm sure you know this, but a box or stick up thingy of baking soda will keep your frige nice and fresh. Cleaning it with white vinegar and baking soda is also amazing. So fresh afterwards! Did I tell you that I love your SMEG? I'm so green right now.

P.S. - Hope Bonus is doing well and loving sweet Mini's little bell.


Sandy - It IS a freezer compartment. Tiny but big enough for stuff we use daily like bread :).


Hello Benita--I noticed the frozen brown bananas on your counter. What is your technique for peeling them once they're frozen? My mom freezes hers whole with the peel on, and whenever I pop over and offer to use them up (in yummy banana bread form) I'm always stumped! Thank you!


Ellen - Those were actually not frozen, they had been in the fridge for too long. I know you're not supposed to keep bananas in the fridge in the first place but I do to keep the fruit flies at bay and this time I had bought too many. I did end up freezing them and to do so I peel and cut them up and store the pieces in a freezer container. Perfect for smoothies and stuff.


"Yes, Mini, it really WAS time to clean the fridge!"


I cleaned my fridge last week, but without pulling the fridge out, it is very heavy and one leg is almost broken, so i do not dare to do this. I hope it will still work and I do not want to imagine what is underneath, having to cats who like to chase some cheese


So funny... as an American I see your freezer portion and my mind is blown! So small! And I don't even use mine that much. Perhaps we would eat fresher if our food wasn't all frozen? :)


More than inspire, you remint me that there is something I MUST do just now. I should...but it is sunny outside and rain is coming...so I am waiting for rain to arrive ;)


You've definitely inspired me... and since we're having a short cool spell here, the timing is perfect. (No more 2 days before the holiday dinner procrastination this year!!)


Kelly - I also have "half" a built in freezer on the other side of the kitchen where i keep the rest of the frozen foods :).


Well, you've at least made me feel guilty about NOT doing it! :)


Haha, K!


I love that hanging rack for soda, very cool!


I'm curious, why do you refrigerate your peanut butter? I've never seen anyone do that before.


Christine - I know you don't have to but I have more room in there than in my pantry and I figure it can't be all bad.


Christine, I've actually read that you shouldn't refrigerate peanut butter because it causes it to separate. Same with Nutella.

But who knows for sure?


April - Neither Peanut butter nor Nutella splits but Nutella doesn't spread when refrigerated. Peanut butter does though :).

Dana from CT

oh alright. I will clean my fridge. sigh.



So funny...this is actually on my list to do today!


Emptied contents of my entire kitchen after our condo had a bug infestation. The exterminator has been and gone--now I have to clean the kitchen and all the kitchen contents and put everything back. And did I mention I just came home from helping my sister pack the contents of her whole house for a move? ArgggHh. Thanks for the inspiration!

Debbie from Chicago

This is a chore I have been putting off. I am dreading it!


Done mine :-)
(didn't hoover the back though... maybe tomorrow)


Had to do mine this weekend. You inspired. But mine is not as clean nor tidy.


Benita, I love american Mr, Clean Magic Eraser for the fridge... easy breeze!

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