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September 25, 2013


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Gorgeous photo! Unfortunately for the poor rat, Miss Mini hasn't lost her instincts :) About the contest, I haven't found how to vote either but there's a Global Jury and a Local Jury, so I guess it's them who will vote for the winner. Anyway I liked your photo -I don't know whether it can be of any help :)

Good luck!


May - This year apparently you can vote for your favorite photos too so each country actually picks 12 winners, 6 by public vote and 6 by a jury (which go to the global finals) but there are no instructions on the voting process which apparently started on Monday, which is a bit odd :).


I clicked the little V on the top right and it said "voted" after clicking it :) Maybe this is it?


Voting is easy! Just drag the mouse over the picture and some symbols will pop up to the right of the picture, the top symbol is for voting. Good luck Benita, you got my vote!


Kadi and Sara - Thank you, that symbol wasn't there yesterday! I'll edit my post accordingly!


I am the 24th voter for Miss Mini :-)


Voting done, she is so cute!


Ooh, thank you for voting!

Jeremy Bryant

Dear Benita,

I read your blog post with great interest and just wanted to drop you a quick line.
Congratulations on the great cat picture submitted in Metro Photo Challenge, great talent !

Wishing you all the best in the contest and I personally thank you for participating in our 2013 edition.



Jeremy - Thank you, what a nice surprise! Much nicer than the rat one :).

Jeremy Bryant

hahaha, not sure I would enjoy a dead rat when waking up as a gift ! ;)

All the best Benita



Wohoo, almost 100 votes already! I do have the best readers :). Thank you!


Mini brought it in through the cat door? (Hoping it wasn't living internally.......)

My 17-yr-old cat once caught a large red squirrel and brought it into the house through her cat door, then proceeded to demolish (eat) it before we fully grasped what was happening....it was summer, there was a lot happening, it seemed impossible that such an elderly cat could accomplish such a feat.


Gail, I think (hope...) she brought it in through the kitty door!


good luck


I am the 125th voter for Miss Mini.

T Tonelli

I voted for Miss Mini all the way from Timmins Ontario Canada! Go Benita!


I have voted too !
your pic deserves to win.
it is absolutely gorgeous and so is Mini the Princess !
sunny greetings from Switzerland


Love cats. I'm 193rd voter for Miss Mini.


Benita - I went back to your photo and, to my astonishment, I saw a big 'Vote' button next to Miss Mini. It seems that I was too sleepy this morning! So now you've got another vote :)


Thank you all so much :)


I voted!

And oh my, what a gift for you. I always praise my kitties when they present me with gifts....but on the inside....I'm cringing and cussing!


Poor little rat. Cats are so funny, they must think we are awful hunters. Minis heart was in the right place, she loves you enough to bring you some food. The thought that counts right! ;-)

I'm going to go vote now, love your photo! Best of luck!


That's really a great photo of your cat - just voted for it. But the rat - brrrrr!

RC in Upstate NY

Just voted. You and Mini are up to 281. :-) -RC


I voted. Good luck. Miss Mini is adorable and nothing is more delightful than finding their prey. They are so proud. : ) Mona


Thank you all so much for voting for little miss Mini!


331 ;)

What a lovely surprise! Not xD that was always my least favourite part about having cats. Ours have only caught mice and birds so far. I'd probably freak out if they started bringing home rats xD I'm not scared of rats, strictly speaking, but eurgh...


Andrea - I'm also not afraid of rats, I think all rodents are kinda cute but I prefer them alive in the countryside and not dead on my living room rug :).


Mini amaze me every single time, such a queen!I voted, wish you luck.

" Thank you, what a nice surprise! Much nicer than the rat one :)."


And we are vote nr. 333 :-)


When we still had our lovely little cat with us, she once came home with the cutest little mouse - nothing like your rat T.G.

My husband even managed to take a photo of the mouse when it was running up and down our indoor plants?! And he later made a laminated "food floor cover" for the cat, of that same photo.

Btw the mouse was rescued to "the wild" (a.k.a or backyard) again, alive and still in one piece. :)

Love your photo of beautiful Miss Mini! I'm vote number 367.



Helena - Wille and I have also had several late night rescue missions of the cutest little mice that Mini brings inside to play with. Wille chucks Mini out of the back door while I hurry to save little mousy by taking her (him?) through the door at the front :).


Our latest presents have been in the form of frogs. I'm not talking little cute frogs. I mean big ones the size of my fist. Our kitty is also pretty sure and I have no idea how she manages to catch them and bring them home!


Laura - Mini likes frogs too or should I say anything that's smaller than her that moves :)


Wow, she doesn't look like a killer!

Liza Vandermeer

Mini is clearly a force to be reckoned with ... my family had a big black and white cat called Fig, who gave me a lovely wedding present. (I was married on December 27 a long time ago.) A very large rat. Dead. Under the Christmas tree.


Liza - It was the most beautiful thing Fig could think of :).

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