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September 11, 2013


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It looks GREAT! Isn't it nice to get a flowerbed exactly like you want it? I have a question about your hydrangeas: I planted a couple Endless Summers last year too, and while they've gotten much bigger they have no blooms to speak of, except on one which has just now gotten little tiny beginnings of flowers - did you take more care than normal to protect them during the winter, or? I'm trying to figure out what I might have done wrong...


Judith - I didn't cut them back this spring, only the dead bits after things had stared growing. I read somewhere that that's what gets them to bloom. My instinct was to cut them earlier because they did look dry and dead in early spring. At endlessummerblooms.com they say:
Unlike other hydrangeas, your Endless Summer will bloom on both old and new growth, branches that grew last year and the new branches from this year.


Love the transformation - you have some of my favourite plants there; I would never have thought to use hostas as a border! We have also been redoing our small garden since last year with interesting foliage and a lot of white and have three different lovely kinds of hydrangea that I'm very pleased with. It grows so fast, we will have to start dividing next season. Some pink has crept into our bed (I originally wanted dark red, but hey never mind, it works fine and that's what it turned out like!) in the paeony, sedum and roses but I like the textures of the leaves with the greeny white of the hydrangeas and lady's mantle, for instance, and don't really want more colour or profusion than this, a small bone of contention with my husband!!
I will really have to show him this, specially the hosta border... :) I have seen stachys (lamb's ears) used as a border, which I also like because of the silver grey furry leaves, but I just have clumps. I am also fortunate that our neighbour, who had his adjoining garden replanted 2 years ago, had a gardener whose choice harmonises well with ours and gives a good background; they have also matured very fast with little attention or pruning so far (especially a variegated euonymus).

the spectator

So lush!!!

Sandy (USA)

Sounds like this garden stressed you out for a while there. Work paid off. It does look very nice!





You've done an astonishing job with that flower bed!


Lovely! Lots of work and persistence proved the way!


Wow, what a difference! I have the hardest time with landscaping because I just don't have a good sense for how well or poorly things will grow. I end up planting wrong heights, too close or too far apart! The deck sure is weathering nicely.


K - I know, I also love the grey deck :).


Wow ! Wonderful ! Thank you for a G-R-E-A-T garden post ! (those are my favorite, as I think I already mentioned)
I always wanted to try an all-white border (or I should say "planter", as my garden is tiny) but so far I have caved once arrived at the garden center, and got some colorful blossoms. Maybe for next year's.


The deck color looks wonderful! The garden looks amazing, it's such a beautiful transformation from what you started with. I also use hosta to border my flower bed and planted hydrangeas behind them...I found a pin on pinterest with that combo and it looks stunning! My hydrangeas are a bit small as well, can't wait for them to fill in!


It looks wonderful! My hostas are rather small and sad in comparison :)


Great result Benita! I do love hostas but unfortunately we have a lot of snails around so it's not really feasible in our garden.


Your garden is so green and lovely! I've not had a garden until this year but chose a "wildflower" garden in one bed because I wanted to encourage bees and butterflies. There are pictures of it on my blog - very colourful and every new flower was a treat because I didn't know exactly what plants/flowers to expect. The disorganisation would probably drive you crazy!


Så snyggt det blev! Vår trädgård kräver en trädgårdsmästare. Synd att varken jag eller maken har den talangen... :) Får vara glad över att njuta av det vi kan göra och inte bråka över det som inte blir gjort. Ormarna och rådjuren gillar i alla fall stället och vi tycker det ser härligt ut om vi kiiiisar lite med ögonen.


So beautiful! Cannot believe it is the same spot as in the first photo! I envy you your vision of always changing the "not so pretty" into something beautiful.


I love the lush green with your gray and white. It reminds me of your fabric with white elephants on green cloth . . . Nice harmony between the outside and inside. And as always, meticulous. Thanks!

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