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September 19, 2013


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Iris Vank

What a cool idea. It looks so good!


OHH. Love and desire and envy!! Lucky you! You should've just moved in - they probably wouldn't have noticed ;)


Judith - I should have shouldn't I? There was that broom closet...


Benita, do they make that white stapler?


James - I think that's just a prop. They're widely available over here. I have one just like it at work.


I do rarely leave comments on blogs because I'm shy and I don't know what to say :-) But I'm going to change this bas habit ! I just simply love this brand, unknown to me as of today. Thanks for sharing this.


Hi Sandrine :)


Love, love this apartment, specially the plywood kitchen storage idea. And I have the same grey bag! I can understand why you would want to move back to the inner city. My husband and I want to do the same here in Melbourne at some point.


I LOVE the felt bag in the first image!


Etta and K - I actually got one of the little grey bags after my "stay". It's perfect!

Sabine -D/GER-

Hello Benita,
lucky girl!
I´m very, very jealous! ;0)
A apartment full of iittala beauties and you are alone in it!
At the very most, I love the kastehelmi & kartio design, I have some clear, green & blue ones, the yellows are too expensive for me.
But the new lamps -Leimu- what a beauty!!! But just a dream ;0).
Thanks for your beautiful blog!


Beautiful! I am crushing on that grey bag too.

Grace H

Hej Benita! American readers who like that white stapler, take note: there's a nice one made by Poppin available at Staples (or online) for $14. In fact, Poppin has a whole line of white office items that would look right at home in Chez Larsson--including a white Ping-Pong table!


I would not have returned key or changed the locks and stayed a day or two. So comfortable and lovely!


Oh you lucky thing, would have loved to have seen the apartment, just from photos I can tell it's very me, when I win the lottery maybe and you could live next door :)
I love their range of glassware, and will be interested to see the furniture and lamps. My husband bought me the tealight holders in every colour when we lived in Germany. Sadly the products are not so easy to find in the USA.


I too wish I lived in the heart of a city but sadly it's out of my price range. Hopefully you'll have your dream!


It sure looks like they designed it specifically for you, Benita! :)


Now I love you even more. I'd be the same way with press events. That's amazing that Iittala arranged this for you. I also cherish my quiet time at home.


Beautiful stuff - thanks for sharing. Re: the social stuff - the best advice someone gave me was to just ask people questions in those situations - they'll talk for hours and it takes the shy stuff away :-)


Lovely! Modern and sleek but warm and inviting as well. I love Iittala. As an American I've always wondered how to pronounce the name.


BKmaddux - We discussed it a little bit in the comments to this post http://www.chezlarsson.com/myblog/2013/04/vitriini.html It is a tricky one!

Ade - That's my problem, I'm too shy to ask the question in the first place... I wish someone would ask ME a question to break the ice :).


Those boxes are just beautiful. And the whole marketing idea is so amazing.
Were you invites as a blogger or for a work purpose?


Wow. Verkligen fint! Jag saknar det nordiska formspråket här i Utahhusen, men jag har bestämt mig för att se det vackra istället för att reta mig på allt det beiga och de torkade blommorna och ja... Många lägger ner mycket tid på att få en ombonad känsla och det kan man också lära sig uppskatta! Tack för titten. Jag förstår att det kan kännas lite pinsamt att gå på träffar där man väl ska veta vem som är vem och alla ska vara självsäkra och kunna tala för sig själva! Det är lite befriande att du går ut med att du tycker att det är jobbigt. Tack!


jja - I was invited as a blogger.


That is very beautiful and great apartment. Ah.. I would love to live in one of those..

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