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October 10, 2013


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Sandy (USA)

Nice, simple, clean lines and soothing to the eyes! Nothing complicated about your decor which is why I love it. Less is more. I spy an Aalto tealite holder am I correct? I have been wanting one for a while now.


Sandy - I've never used it as a tea light holder actually, to me it's more of a little dish. I'll have to try it with a tea light! I got it as a freebie when I subscribed to a magazine a couple of years ago.


I like the podium idea. I'll have to keep my eye open for a suitable box!

RC in Upstate NY

The big question is: did you ever wear the bracelet?


Looks great and a bit quirky in a good way.

I stumbled across these btw: http://bagarenochkocken.se/baktillbehor/dekorera-bakverk/plastflaska-med-skruvkork-025-liter/

I know you get many questions on yours.

I would love to get e peek in your purging bags. You mentioned a couple bags in the basement.... Maybe a post with what and why you get rid of it.


Ingrid - Thank you!

RC - I rarely wear it, I admit. It feels constricting because it's so stiff.

Misti Sciacca

I love your home! I have been feeling discontented for a while with my holiday (all holidays) decorations and not feeling the need to go all out and bling up my house. I felt guilty about it, for some reason. Since going back a couple of months ago and reading your blog from beginning to present, I realized I didn't need to go all out to be festive! I love your home, I'll say it again! Simple can be pleasing (if not more so)...thank you so much for letting us into your home.


What a brilliant use of that beautiful white-wood box! It makes the folded book look like a giant hedgehog peering over a garden mound! What a grand collection of otherwise-ordinary items; you've gathered them all into a story-worthy scene!

RC in Upstate NY

Haha I know what you mean about jewelry that always reminds you it is there - in a bad way. But at least your bracelet makes a great prop! ;-)

Lucky for me my daughter-in-law is a jeweler in Brooklyn and her simple handmade pieces are a pleasure to wear. I forget they are on except for the compliments I get. :-).

My current "never take it off" is her Sapling necklace, which is actually made from a twig from Prospect Park in Brooklyn, cast in gold! A piece of NYC and nature in one small pretty package!

P.S. She's on Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/OliviaEwing?ref=ss_profile and I have to add because I'm so proud: she donates 10% of every sale to charities involving animal, child and environmental welfare. :-)


RC - Beautiful!


So simple yet so effective.
I love the way your folded book turned out. Every time I see it, i'm reminded of a hedgehog.


There's something with the color white that makes everything look great!


I also like to create small groups of objects that change with the seasons. Loved It!


I was surprised when you didn't post your weekly photo on Monday. I looked quickly back through your posts and didn't catch a mention of vacation. I hope all is well and there is some simple explanation of your absence. Funny how we look out for each other even if we've never met.


Emily - Thank you, everything is fine, I didn't have time to blog during the weekend, that's all.


Oh so glad to here everything is fine! :) I was starting to get a little worried here.

Have a great week! :)


Benita we miss you!!!


Yes, I was getting worried, too. Look forward to your return whenever that is! You've spoiled us for so long with your regular posting, even in your non-daily mode. Take good care of yourself.


I was worried too. I am glad to here that you are all right and I suppose so are also the case with Wille and the two cats.
Hope it was something funny making you busy and not too much work :-)

Jackie O

Eight days without Benita is too long! Miss your posts!


So do I!

By the way, you mentioned you started visiting a health club. Would you please write a post your new exercising routines, do you join the workout classes or do you do your workout on your own etc. The autumn is the best season for trying new sports and its so fun!


Libris - I'm not loving the gym thing at all so I probably won't be posting about it :).

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