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October 01, 2013


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Oh I love it. The green was cool but this is definitely calmer.


Loved the green one. But I love this calm grey one even more. It's absolutely beautiful.


Got to write down that colour code. I painted our bedroom with a colour I thought was gray but ended up light green, which is not a bad colour either, but that gray would have been perfect.


I like the gray better than green. It's cozier for fall and winter. I like the little felt bag on your desk too.


Zosia - The little grey felt bag was actually the goodie bag that was waiting for me in the Iittala apartment. I love it too!


beautiful grey!


Isn't it interesting how color affects us? I prefer the grey wall, too.

Soul Pretty

I thought I was the only one with stashes of paint at the ready of my whim...nice. I just painted a bedroom wall, Caribbean Ocean...love it...today anyway.


It's almost hard to believe that the green wall survived as long as it did! Seriously though I totally admire your ability and willingness to keep changing things up in your home and keep it fresh. I'm so likely to paint once and then think about changing it for 5 years...and yet there it still is!


I love it! I'm a huge fan of grey though. The little felt bag is so cute as well, we carry some Iittala things where I work and I loved seeing your trip to the Iittala apartment. Anyway, great job on the wall it looks lovely.

Michelle of Montreal

Thanks for posting the NCS code for the grey paint! It was like you could hear me thinking "that's a great colour, if only I could match that..."


Love the grey! It looks a lot like Agreeable Grey by Sherwin Williams that I have on my walls.

Kathleen S

I'd forgotten about your green wall which is curious because I love the idea. I'm getting ready to paint my office area, and wanted a bit of color with the white (of course). Thanks for the timely reminder! And the 'keep it calm' concept!


This looks great, Benita! I discovered your blog only recently through an old post on Holly Becker's hausmaus blog and have been digging my way through your archives for the past couple of weeks, but hadn't come across the green wall yet. So when I saw the first picture I did actually quite like that one as well. Then, however, I scrolled down and now I think I like the grey even better. It makes the area look somehow not just more calm, but also more spacious, I think. More room for new thoughts, new ideas, new projects... :) Have a lovely week!


Hi Benita, I had been away from your blog for a bit and once again I am just blown away by your wonderful photos and commentaries. Your taste is impeccable, understated and so cool. You bring so much pleasure to so many. I hope you will continue for a long time (she said, selfishly). :)


Btw, I had to register again in order to post.


love it!!!!


Jättefint! gillar ministolen också!


I love the kitty on the shelf!


Jättefint med grått! Så mycket lugnare än det gröna. /Susanne


C'est super joli et je préfère le gris au vert

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