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October 09, 2013


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Yesterday in our local chocolate factory café I decided to ask for a hot chocolate - it has an excellent reputation. However, when it came (I especially ordered it without whipped cream), I found it was so intense and strong that I had to ask for a separate jug of hot milk to dilute it with!!
Now that's never happened to me before...


White eggs . .I haven't seen any of theose for years !


Looks great!


If you want, you can use a less dark chocolate, we call it "the cooking type" in France ( usually around 50- 55 %).
You follow the same recipe steps with only 200 grs of chocolate and 6 eggs.
The secret: whisk the whites very firmy until it makes little fluffy clouds and let it rest overnight in the fridge.


Pauline - Over here brown eggs are of the unusual kind! How odd!

Cecile - I actually love dark chocolate and if I eat it "raw" I get the 86% one :).


Those bowls are the best, Benita!


I used to make this back in the late 60s in England. Dear God that's a lush dessert! I may have to make it again...


Sara - They're Iittala bowls from the 80's. I got them from my parents and I love how irregular they are. You can't tell from the photos but some are way heavier and thicker than others.


Ooh, looks good! I'll have to try this soon.


Un menu bien appétissant et une mousse certainement délicieuse, miam! And now, French lessons? ;)


Alice - Je parle déja Francais. Je suis allé a l'école Francais a Stockolm pendant 12 ans :).

Tuca Passarelli

OMG! I', on diet... help!


The best choco in the world!

Billy @ Best Knife Sharpener Guide

Chocolate is the best ending...to everything!

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