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October 30, 2013


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RC in Upstate NY

Or when she reads this post (if she hasn't opened the cupboard already)! Nice job, as always. But I do agree, pretty organizing is so much more satisfying to look at. :-) And I find if it's pretty, I'm more motivated to keep it tidy because letting disorder creep back in not only spoils the function, it spoils the look!


she will definitely know you have been :)


Nice work! She is blessed to have you as a daughter :-)


You are such a kind, thoughtful daughter.


Very thoughtful! Also, thanks for being a great role model in regards to owning your organizing style. For some weird reason I have always felt guilty about wanting to use uniform containers, etc.-- but now I'm letting go of the guilt!

Juliane at Modern Mural

So considerate! Sometimes you just have to work with what you have. I'm trying to organize my closet, which is full of frames and wall art that doesn't have a home yet. For now it lives in a cardboard box, which doesn't look nice but it's hidden in the closet most of the time. ;)

Jackie O

How thoughtful you are!


What a nice surprise she will have. Though she will probably not be *that* surprised... knowing you! Anyway, boy, I wish you would come visit me and do some secret organizing!


It would be so great to have you as a daughter! Or mom.

I already subscribed once to get an email notification when you have a new post, now I changed my mail and cant find this option again? Thnak you


jja - You can find the link "Subscribe" just under the header.


Does your mama ever call you and say "Benita, where did you put..." I am sure she smiles at what you have done and feels loved and cared for.


Missy - it has happened once or twice :).


Så himla skönt att rensa och få ordning!!


Dear Benita,
I just discovered your blog about 2 weeks ago and since then spent my evenings to read every single post.
First thing I did was reorganizing a lot in my apartment and driving straight to Muji buying some of these great storage containers.
Thank you so much for all your inspiration and keep it up!


Vi är sju syskon i vår familj, men jag tror att alla skulle vilja att "vår Benita" Tina skulle komma på städ- och sorteringsbesök då och då! :) Vilken glad mamma du måste ha. Grattis till henne!


Even your (and your mother's) clutter looks appealing and organized. I really do need to do some serious work in my place, beginning with tossing out/donating!! And the junk mail is taking over!!


Your mum must be so pleased - these kind of store cupboards are always hard to organise when you are dealing with all sorts of shapes and sizes. I am like you and delight in uniformity in my storage - so my garden shed and garage are the most difficult areas to get a good result. Having less stuff always helps!

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