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November 20, 2013


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Several thoughts spring to mind:

1. Oh my lanta, this looks amazing!!

2. Thank you for the translation!


3. Swedish design is so cool. love the logo.


What brand is that baking dish? Love it!


Laura - It's a no brand one which I got in some department store. I have a bigger one too and they're great!

the spectator

God that looks good.

Helen Fröderberg

The box the products came in is just so lovely!

And the Brownie. I'm baking this sunday.
Thanks for sharing!


Sorry but what happened to the second egg? where is it supposed to go? Am definitely trying this recipe soon!


Julia - Sorry, it should say one egg AT A TIME. I've edited it. Thanks for spotting that!


Wow! That chocolate looks so good, I practically ate my computer!! I shall be making this at the weekend.


Shouldn't this article contain a warning of "graphic content" somewhere in the beginning?
Waaaaaaaaaaaaah, now I got the chocolate creaps again. HELP


Yeah, that's what I want to see first thing in the morning. A pity that brownies for breakfast has never really caught on...


Oh, yum! I have a birthday to help celebrate next week, and I think this will be my contribution.


Yum indeed!

Debbie from Chicago

Thanks for this!


I love those eyes! I never knew It was a cocoa powder trademark. Thank you!

Jules Means

OMG! Do not pass GO. Go straight to Pocket to save for later! Perfect for Thanksgiving next week!


Wow that looks delicious. I think I just found dessert for the weekend! Thanks

your pictures are lovely as always


Brownies for breakfast: An excellent idea!! especially these....


hmmm....in the truffle recipe, there are equal amounts of dark chocolate and whipping cream. Mine looks like chocolate milk, not truffle. well, it's early days....still has to sit for 45 mins in the fridge.


M.E - How did it turn out? Mine worked perfectly. Maybe your whipping cream is different from ours? It's happened to me in the past that ingredients in foreign recipes aren't 100% the same over here.


i'm little confused. do we have to mix sugar and other ingredients in to the pan? or the melted butter we have to mix with the cake mixer with other ingredients?


Naucy - Melt the butter in a pan and to that pan add the sugar, cocoa powder, salt and vanilla sugar and mix it all together.


Benita, I made this last night - seriously yummy, and easy too. My only issue is the salt flakes - they melted into the chocolate - should I have waited until the truffle set, do you think? Maybe it's the moisture from the fridge - and it will have to stay in the fridge, it's hot downunder here in Sydney.

(I normally have so much chocolate in the house, you know, in case there's a sudden shortage, but I had to scrounge around - ended up using some 85%, some 70%, and some chocolate buttons - all good though!)


Paula - I waited until the truffle had set so that might be the issue. Yummy, huh? :)

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