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November 12, 2013


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Sandy (USA)

Hi there! Love the natural look. So cool. I'm assuming you will be making quite a few more no? BTW, I don't recall you using a tree topper last year. Is that not used in Sweden?


Sandy - I will probably make some more of the same but will mix them with other things in my tree too. I have some paper crafts I want to try out. As for the tree topper it's usually a star over here but I haven't got a nice one so I just skipped it. I have had paper stars in the past so maybe I'll make one again this year. It also depends on what the tree itself looks like , I thing, If there's a need for a topper.


That's so pretty! You're such an inspiration!


These don't feel very Christmassy to me, but I like them still. I have not seen this type of crafts done anywhere before, really cool.


Love the simplicity and the brown with the green! What a great idea!


Hey Benita, I was wondering if Wille had found a job yet. If not, he should try at hotel Rival. My fiance's cousin worked as a bartender there, he's in Oslo for a few months working now. He should try there, I think Benny Andersson owns the place :)


Wienerdoglove - He hasn't but he's got a couple of leads this week so fingers crossed! I think he's been at Rival, but I'll ask and if not make sure he goes there. I know it's on his list.


If he does go there, he can tell them "Thomas" sent him ;)


Will do! Thanks!

Bobbie Stubbs

Beautiful!! Love your simple but inspirational ideas!
However, the link to the leather cord is for resellers only :-(
Did you get an account as a 'designer'? Any ideas where else to get this nice quality cord product from if you are not in the trade? Thanks, Bobbie


Bobbie - You need to create an account but there's no need to be a designer for that. After you've created the account you can see prices etc.


Love love love it!!!!!!


The most wonderful Christmas decoration. toally love them - thank you

Jules Means

These are very cool. I think they would make beautiful bracelets, too! At first I thought the end caps were "male and female" to snap together. Now that really would be useful, esp for jewelry.

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