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November 21, 2013


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Pretty! What a nice shot of spring/summer here in the middle of all the darkness.

Sandy (USA)

Oh I like that! Never really thought of them as cuttings. Me likey! :-)


so simple but so lovely.
good idea ;)


does this kill or hurt the plant at all or that you noticed? I have quite a few hostas outside and would like to try this in the summer (and want more, i love them, easy ground cover and they come back every year)


Kelly - I have a lot of them so I only took a leaf or two at the edges of several plants. I don't think you should completely strip one but Hostas are really kind of hard wearing and like you say come back every year.

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Tara E

These look delightful. I love the freshness and contrast of green and white.

Do you find that your cats chew on this kind of bouquet? We have cats and this kind of hosta bouquet would be like an invitation to a brunch for them. :)


Tara E - They don't. I guess since they're allowed outside any time they want, indoor plants are of no interest to them :).

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