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November 27, 2013


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That's a great philosophy. I started doing something like this a few years ago after a huge purge at home, and while I still feel like I'm "in training" it's such a liberating feeling to take control over all the THINGS in the home. What did you think about "Zero Waste Home", by the way? It sounds interesting.


Judith - It's super interesting but a little bit too hard core for me. Would you like to read it? I still have it in my donation basket so I might as well donate it to you!


LOL - what are my books doing on your shelf?! ;)


MelD - Haha, got the same, huh?!


I like your approach. I should try it myself any time soon!


Wow, do you only buy books with a white cover? ;) (It looks very pretty and neat though)


Hélène - I don't but I do organize them by color: http://www.chezlarsson.com/myblog/2012/09/snow.html


Here I am answering your question but not under where you asked it...feeling very web-unsavvy since the change in the setup of the comments! Anyway...I'd love to have a book donation - I'll hop over to email to maybe make this conversation easier :)


I have the same rule! Hoarding stuff is really something what I am horrified of. From this rule are books, CDs, lipsticks und underwear excluded. But my wardrobe ist half empty, just the way I like it.


I try to do that, too. I just scored loads of books at my company's bi-annual book sale and I still need to eliminate a couple of old ones. And one item of clothing since I acquired a new pair of jeans yesterday.
I absolutely agree, it's SO liberating :) And it teaches you not to get too attatched to "things".

Alex - Hydrangea Girl

Oh I feel the same way. If I have too much stuff, my head actually feels cluttered. And you're so right - it is a form of therapy. I live by one of my favourite quotes from William Morris -

"Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."


We do this often, and the rule is: "do you love it?" If you don't love it, it goes in the donation box, to a swap, etc. That has helped us a lot over the years.

Lilian Garcia

this is so sad that made me cry! I can't get rid of my books... ok, only some of them, but those don't even go on my shelves! When I have to much books to fit I start thinking where can I add some more shelves... Vive la difference!


Hi Benita..I hate getting rid of books but I live in a really small apartment and I simply do not have the space anymore to keep anything except the most important things..I recently cleaned out all my magazines...I had literally hundreds from about 6 years ago and I had to be ruthless! It was a real challenge but what I have done now to stop accumulating so many again is to subscribe to online versions of my favourite magazines. It has changed my life and saved my sanity!


I forgot to ask you...do you only choose books with white covers and spines? I love how all your books match...how does that happen?


I'm the same with clothes - if I want something new, something old has to be removed from the wardrobe! I have a really easy system so I can quickly see what is old - whenever anything is washed/worn and put back in the wardrobe it gets put on the left side of the wardrobe. Eventually everything on the right side will be clothes that you never wear so can be donated or recycled!


I try to do that too. I would love to be on the receiving end of your cast-offs tho!


adesigndiary - I sort my books by color so I don't just have white spines: http://www.chezlarsson.com/myblog/2012/09/snow.html


This is such a good idea and could apply to so much. I might start this new mantra! Thanks. (By the way your bookcase is so pretty, all white)


I once sorted my friend's husband's books by colour when I stayed overnight on their sofa bed. Big mistake - it almost caused a divorce. He had apparently arranged them by geographical region, how was I to know? They looked much better grouped by colour and size.


Ironic that you are purging Zero Waste Home. I recently received the book and it is very eye opening.

Katie @ Produce on Parade

Have you read, The Joy of Less? It's a great minimalist guide book. I loved it! Your post reminded me of it :) One in and one out!


Katie - I haven't read that one but I'll be sure to check it out!


I am experiencing this blog as inspiration and motivation, but I'm afraid that I will never achieve that simplicity and minimalism.
I have books and magazines over 40 years old and my not be separated from them :(

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