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November 06, 2013


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Sounds like a fab book to won, I´ll check it out. Just like you, I find the measuring a bit difficult even though I bought measuring cups just to make it easier when I was in the States. :-)


Gah - I ment OWN, not won! :-D



Madalyn Klenske

Do buy a set of English system measuring cups and spoons next time you're in the U.S.-- no more messy measurement translation! After a bout of translating German SI baking recipes into their English measurement equivalents, I ordered myself a SI set, which was well worth it.



Madalyn - That does help in some recipes but there are still ingredients that are difficult to translate lite creme of tartar and stuff like that.


Ja, Roy Fares är riktigt mumsig ;) Tyvärr har vi tjejer förlorat honom, men det spelar ju egentligen ingen roll, han är fortfarande väldigt snygg och får i alla fall mig att sitta som en fågelholk framför Dessertmästarna.


Anna - Eller hur, inte bara hans bakverk är eye candy :). Och så är han ju ofta den snälle i Dessertmästarna. Älskar det programmet!


Yummy! The cakes AND the chef *lol*


Other delicious men who make food - Andy Bates! He does a lot of very simple recipes inspired by street food from around the world.

(Your baking efforts look amazing, by the way!)


I love carrot cake, it is my favourite cake around this time of the year! Everything you baked looks so yummy!


I must be the only person I know who is not a fan of carrot cake but it does look so good if it were in front of me I would definitely give it a try. The sour cherry one is certainly to my taste - I will look out for the book over here.

emilie aka la marmotte

carrot cake ???
hummmm !!!!
i'd like to find a good recipe :-)

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