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December 03, 2013


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Hi !
I'm a french reader and i would like to thank you for your beautiful posts.
I had bought a old house, in french countryside, and your renovation give me some ideas... So : continues !

Sandy (USA)

So pretty Benita! Looking forward to your simple decor. Have a good day!


LOVELY mini juniper & hyacinths
so simple,clean and peaceful decor ;)
see you...



Very nice ensemble the hyacinth and the juniper, so simple and yet an eyecathcer ;-)


Your decor and photos are so beautiful in their simplicity. Love the hyacinths and mini juniper.


Benita I love your plant arrangement...I particularly love the square pots...where did you get them? Please say IKEA!! They are so simple and so pretty.


adesigndiar - They're not from IKEA I'm afraid but from a local department store, Åhléns.


On another site i read there were mentions by bloggers that they feel comments are down lately. And I promised myself that I would take today to thank all the bloggers I read every day and appreciate so very much.

You are the first link on my daily check in list, so THANK YOU for all your efforts to share your world.


If it has almond paste, I'll eat it!


Andrea- They are down which makes it less fun to blog to be honest but a comment like yours makes my day. Thank YOU!


Lovely and inspiring! I also echo Andrea's sentiments. I am a latecomer to your blog (discovered it this past year), but thoroughly enjoy it and love that I can access your back issues and "catch up". Thank you very much for sharing your creativity with us!

Dana Arnold

Hello Benita!! I also cannot wait to see every post you do. I often don't comment, but I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your blogging


forever love your blog, benita!!!


Sorry to hear the comments are down, making blogging less fun, Benita.
I've been following you for the last several years. Your photos are a calming way to end my nightly internet time.
Enjoyed today's photos, and the moss reminded me to get some for our nativity scene. (With 2 young boys I haven't gone simple yet... maybe someday! ; )
Best Advent wishes to you!


Fint! Jag älskar din enkla stil. Om du orkar kan du ju kika på några av de bilder (fula mobil-sådana, men ändå) från den "progressive dinner" jag var på för några dagar sedan. Wowsi. I de husen var det inte tal om enkelt eller minimalistiskt. Kul att uppleva, även om jag inte skulle kunna ha det så här hemma. :) http://monnah.se/?p=5407

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