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December 17, 2013


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I give them a 4 - they look tasty!

Anette H

mums, de ser goda ut.
Nu med det nya året i intågande börjar jag fundera på almenackor. Visst hade du ett inlägg från det gamla huset om en familjealmenacka till väggen? Kan inte hitta det.
Hur gör ni nu? Hade varit roligt att veta om du uppdaterat almenackan (och "tänket" kring kalendrar osv) på något sätt, nu när ni bara är två.
tack för en underbar blogg! Ser fram mot varje inlägg och tycker det är helt ok att de inte kommer varje dag. Hellre kvalitet än kvantitet!!


Benita, my first attempt was only marginally better than yours. Did you bang the tray on the counter before putting them in the oven? It's supposed to knock any air pockets out so that they then rise evenly and don't sink again (I believe).
Despite some flaws mine tasted good - like yours... but it was a lot of effort and I confess to feeling a little deflated (if you excuse the pun!). I haven't found time to have a second attempt.
There is a lot of information online about letting your eggwhites 'age' overnight etc etc... maybe it just takes practice!
Yours look fine for a first attempt :-)


Anette - Inför 2014 har jag skippat papperskalender, hör och häpna! Tänker använda Google kalendern helt enkelt, får se hur det blir :). Den kalendern jag hackade för ett par år sen var Stora Väggkalendern från Almanacksförlaget. Förra året hade jag en familjekalender från Ordning o reda med tre kolumner som var bra, en kolumn vardera till Wille och mig och så en till blogginläggen.

MareePSasja - There was no banging in my recipe so I'll try that next time :).


They look yummy, but I would have used some food colour...I did use pink with my first ones! :) But its hard to get ground almonds here in Norway...I can only buy them at health stores for a lot of money or at pandurohobby! :)




They look tasty and very organic!

Rita from designmegillah

I think they look beautiful!

Michelle of Montreal

Infinity macarons! I can't bake, so I applaud you for even attempting them.

Nancy in Canada

I think you did very well for a first attempt. Perhaps the eggs could have been beaten just a little bit longer so that they hold up the almonds and sugar a bit more. Some recipes for macaroons call for a pinch of cream of tarter to be added to the egg whites which help them to hold the volume of air that you have whipped into them and they don't deflate as much. I'd love to see how a second batch turns out... as would Willi I'm sure;)


Good for a first attempt! Beating the egg whites a little longer would stiffen the batter and help the piped macarons hold their shape better. Also, your recipe link mentions letting them sit for 20 minutes after piping - this is really important and 30 minutes would be even better as they definitely need to form a light crust on top before baking. Do make them again and as mentioned, add a drop of color if you have some. Lastly, if you have an oven thermometer check to be sure the temperature stays as you've set it - just a little too hot would over bake them.


Benita..I think you are fabulously brave! I cannot bake to save my life..the last cake I baked burnt black (I mixed up the temperatures...who does that!!!) so these look incredible to me...well done!!


Wow! I think they look fabulous!


I would still eat them! they are like little pillows of cloud in the mouth. Yum :)

Frances Fogerson

A full-page pop-up ad for Aveeno (featuring actress Jennifer Anniston) covers the entire screen of your blog until I hit the "close" button. Wasn't sure you had authorized this since "Young House Love" had this same problem.


Frances - I just read that on their blog and I also haven't authorized that so I'll look into blocking it! Thanks for letting me know! You can probably only see it in the States which is why I haven't noticed myself.

Josseline Wood

They look wonderful.


I am a pretty experienced baker and find macarons incredibly finicky. So many variables that can throw off your product! I haven't attempted them in months, but you have inspired me!


bravo benita, these look very tasty and I admire the courage since macarons are a bit infamous for their trickiness...
I never did attempt making them, but for the moment I do, i have a recipe bookmarked with all the myths about demons making your macarons fail accounted for :) http://bravetart.com/recipes/Macarons

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