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December 09, 2013


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Love Skansen at Christmas! Especially the setups in the different houses that show how the holidays were celebrated way back in time in different parts of the country.


Love these pics, especially the little christmas trees! :-)

RC in Upstate NY

I am looking forward to the Christmas market pics. I'm obsessed with anything Swedish (design, culture, social policies, etc) and love hearing/seeing about daily life and ways in which it's different to the US. I really loved it when you posted a photo taken inside your local grocery store! Probably seems mundane to you, Ibut I was thrilled. Same goes for train rides, your bike and wagon, your recycling - it's all fascinating to me! I've never been to Sweden so your blog helps satisfy my admiring curiosity about what I believe is the world's most socially advanced culture! :-) (apologies to other highly evolved nations - I' m just partial to Sweden!) :-)

Jackie O

Love your gray slippers, where are they from? Love your blog and your design.


Jackie O - They are from Ara. They look quite cute from above but not so much from the side. I got them when I had Plantar Fasciitis, for the arch support.


I too like you slippers. Very cute!

Jackie O

Thanks Benita!

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