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December 23, 2013


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Merry Christmas! Thank you for your Beautiful Blog!

Sandy (USA)

Temperature here has been spring like as well. Today we hit 70 which was amazing. Seriously makes me wonder what's going on .... Is it the calm before the storm? Anyway, have an amazing healthy merry Christmas! BTW happy belated birthday from one Sagittarius to another! Oh yeah, will you be posting a pic of your tree this year? Would love to see the cute ornaments you were making with the leather.


Sandy - Ah, the tree... for some reason it's impossible for me to get good photos of it. I've tried daytime - not magical enough, evening - too dark and so on.


Weihnachtsgrüße auch aus Hamburg, liebe Benita! Ich komme immer sehr gern zum Lesen hierher - danke! Fides


Mr. Bonus looking very elegant in his black tux and a white shirt - ready for the festive season ;-)


A very Merry Christmas to you, Benita! And to Wille, Mini and Bonus too :)


Love love your piggy candle holders! Are they still available anywhere? I

It's been warm here in Bethlehem, PA, too. Went running in shorts yesterday! Crazy!

Glaedelig Jul!


Love Benita,

I wish you, Wille and your beautiful cats and a wonderful Christmas.

Also here in the Black Forest is no snow in sight!

Greetings to Sweden from Germany


Dana Arnold

Merry Christmas to all Benita thanks for all of your hard work & dedication to the blog this year!! I can't wait to see your post for next year with love Dana


Jessice - I got them a few years ago so I doubt they're available. I love them too :)


Lovely holiday to you and your family!

Dana in CT

Bizarre comment above- guessing that's spam!!

A very merry Christmas to you and yours from me and mine here in also warm and springlike Connecticut!


Hi Benita...wishes for a very Merry Christmas to you, your family(furry and non-furry) and friends...I cannot believe you have no snow yet...it has been snowing in Egypt and temperatures in Dubai have been down to 9 degrees C ! For us that is really chilly as we just never have cold like that! The world is going mad! I am looking forward to seeing what you have ins store for us in the New Year!!


Happy Christmas, Benita, to you and to your family! I'm glad to hear that you are all(most) finished with your Christmas preparations. Thank you for all of your wonderful gifts to your Chez Larsson readers this year! They have been much appreciated! I'm looking forward to all that you'll present next year!

Debbie from Chicago

Merry Christmas Benita. It is cold and snowy north of Chicago. I went grocery shopping this morning and it was 9 degrees, Brrrrr, thankfully the sun was out. I only have a few things left to wrap and do a little housecleaning.

Thank you for sharing a little of your life with your readers!!!


I'm all done with my shopping and making of presents which is great because the weather here in England is VILE! I also can't wait for Christmas because I'm really excited to show off the present I made for my mum...


Hi, Benita, Laura's right, gales and rain here, so have a lovely Christmas with your little family and your friends. Maybe the in-house barman can make you a little treat at first star. Mal xxx


Merry Christmas Benita!!
Stockholm at Christmas time must be quite special. Perhaps someday I can travel there in December.
Have a lovely day with your family!


God Jul! Tack för all inspiration.


I'm spending these Xmas days in Austria and we're having a very pleasant weather here but I've been told that it's being very rainy and windy in Spain. Crazy weather!


Dear Benita, where did you get decoration in the upper right corner? Thank you.


Jja - I bought it a few years ago at Åhléns. Didn't see it this year though so I think they might have discontinued it,


I had meant to mention before, I just love the piggy candle-holders! Mal

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