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December 05, 2013


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Haha, my dog and cat plays in a very similar way - most of the time they look like maniacs! :-D


I <3 those white whiskers :)

Nini Tjäder

My neighbor has one female and one male cat. They do this too. And attack each other one moment, then sleeping close together in a chair the next.


Nini - Mini and Bonus never sleep together but they do love each other :).

Alex - Hydrangea Girl

Ahhh those last two pictures are precious. Their little faces are lovely! I just wrote out a paragraph about our cats, but I deleted it because it was way too crazy cat lady. Mini and Bonus are beautiful kittehs :)

xx A


Pictures of Mini and Bonus make me happy.


mini is who started the fight? brave girl


I've been reading your blog for years, but I don't think I've ever commented. I just love the pics of your kitties, especially Mini...she looks a lot like my tortoiseshell, Winnie! :)


Well check this out Miss B. Little bastards! LOL



Michelle - Haha, Mini likes to do that too :).


At least we are not the only one with situations like this. They do love each other, sleep together etc. but from time to time fight like professionals.


OMG!!!! I love cats but never had any, they just gave me a small jump in my heart, but for the comments above i can see this is normal. ;-)


haha my kitty does this to, but to my legs... :)


this makes me so happy...I always think our cats are the only ones who fight all the time...hilarious!


Thank you! I miss living with cats, but your post made my day :)


Happy Independence Day to your Finnish roots :)


Thank you, and to you too, Jaana!


Love this! I'm sending it to my sister and my brother. Thank you!


Such a fun photos! The cats are so cute!


Var bara tvungen att gå in hit en gång - till! - innan jag går och lägger mig. Underbara bilder på dina två fina "ulltussar". Känns nästan lite som ens egna nu, när man som jag har följt dem - och dig! - så pass länge.

Tack för att ni gör så att mina mungipor dansar! :)


Barbara Robidoux

Loved the series of action photos! I especially liked the pictures of Mini peering over Bonus's head and the reconciliation (or resignation) at the end.


Åh, Bonus!!! Som en liten valross. Sötgrisar!

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