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June 18, 2008


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Thank you so much for that wonderfully detailed description!


Great how-to. Really love it.
It´s a pity I don´t have enough space in the entry of the apartment to manage something similar.
I am in love with all those cubs that are in Wille´s bedroom. I am thinking in making some in my own to put in my bedroom in order to organize jewerly (that is now in the wardrobe). But I have no idea where to start. Could you give some clues to make them and make them strong enough to be able to put a little caktus or so on?

Thanks very much for helping us.

Ibabe from Vitoria (Basque Country-Spain).


oh my gosh - we just ripped that coat rack thingy out because ours is gold and brown. I guess I could spray paint it sliver. I didn't realize they were such treasures. :-)


What a great post! Thank you so much for all the trouble of putting it together; you've made a terrific job!


I am very impressed with the details. It looks fab. Love the rack too! You can publish a book!


Thank you for the post, as well as for the view of the rack and of the adorable window. Now I've got to take some measurements and get to work!

Lindzi is absolutely right - you could (and should) publish a book with your wonderful storage ideas!

I'm interested in finding out in future posts how your "day job" inspires your home projects and vice versa. Or if something else entirely inspires your projects at both work and at home.

Claire, Dublin

I agree with Lindzi and Jean. I love your blog and if you brought out a book I would definitely buy it.
I wish I had enough space in my tiny hall for a shoe cubby like yours. You have given me so many ideas for renovating my house though - thanks :-)


Awesome how-to. I love this idea and may try to construct one myself.

Your blog is a pleasure to browse too. Wondeful projects everywhere you turn.


This tutorial is *fabulous*. I get so intimidated by projects like this, but you've actually given me enough info to consider doing it myself! And the visual inspiration, which is often lacking on DIY sites ;-).


Great set of instructions, thanks for sharing :)


Looks great! And it holds a lot of shoes. Goodie! :)


This is so inspiring, thank you!


this may sound stupid but is there another name for those wooden plugs? because i can't find it anywhere.. thanks!


jenny, they do seem to be called wood plugs or possibly wood dowels. There's another kind which is flat and those are called joinery biscuits. You can read more here:


Not sure if anyone is that interested, but i achieved a similar, if nowhere near a polished an effort as the above using a couple of Ikea Expedit bookcases...



How much did the shoe cubby come out to?

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

In the end with the additional top that we just added we used 1 1/2 sheets of MDF board + paint, wood glue and plugs. Total cost approx. USD 95.

Miss L

What a great tip



Your website is great! I've learnt loads already.

I have a question regarding the shoe cubby. How did you build the base? From the diagram it looks as though there are only two pieces to it. Is it therefore attached to the skirting board?


Benita ~ Chez Larsson

Yes, it rests on the skirting board.


A huuge Thank You for spreading the word about the guide pins!!!!
I just remodeled a table using wooden dowels, and I made sure to get those guide thingies first.
I've never made anything with dowels before, and it took 2 visits to different shops to find the guide pins, but it was worth it. It made it so much easier to drill corresponding holes. When I assembled the table afterwards, and everything fitted perfectly, I was both happily surprised and ridiculously proud.


I'm very new to working with wood, so I have to ask, what does MDF stand for?
Awesome tutorial btw, I love the drawn diagrams!


I still don't understand the base. Is it propped up at an angle?

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