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December 15, 2011


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Agreed, perfection!


Alltså Benita, du är helt fantastisk! Så påhittig, kreativ och händig. Heja dig! Ville bara säga det.

Kram S


It looks great! And practical too, just excellent :-)


Det var ju bara synd att ert flotta julkort inte hade hunnit komma när jag tog denna bilden. I love it :)


Benita, you are my hero! It is great! (I love the 2 before-after pictures; it's amazing how a room can be improved).


Wow.. what a transformation. The whole hallway looks really great.
BUT... how are you going to resist the temptation to paint the caning white ? ;o)

Jo xx

Oh and the door hanger is an inspired idea.. but be very careful when removing the dried out mittens, 'cos a metal hanger will get burning hot. xx


These radiators are water filled and don't get scorching hot like electric ones do.

Esther Delatrée

This gets my love. Awesome!


This is excellent! I wanna make radiator covers too! The hanger for mittens is a magnificient idea, I've just placed the mittens on top of the radiator.


What a difference you made to the entrance. Find it hard to believe it's the same place ;-) But I have seen the photo proof of it so...:-) Well done as always!
Tjingeling Anette :-)

Petra from NL

Love it! Thanks for the tutorial. Favourite tip: the over the door hanger, such a little simple idea, so Benita!


oh, so great. so interesting that it is soaked, like so many kinds of woodwork. the mitten hanger is a bit of genius! x


I love how this turned out!

And I especially like your step-by-step photos and comments. And how you integrated the holes in the process.
Perfect, as always!

Where do you get the caning from? I wouldn't know where to look for this stuff.


Wow, what a transformation! If I ever build something, then I hope it will turn out half as good.


I googled the word caning in Swedish (rotting) and found a source in Gothenburg who were willing to send it to me. You can also try "rattan". Be warned though, don't google "caning" images as that will freak you out!


What an inviting, cosy and pretty entry. And let's not forget practical too. Love it.

Dana from CT

Wow. wow. Looks amazing. And you are scary brilliant with the over the door hanger use for the mitten drying. LOVE it! Pure happiness sipping my morning coffee here in Connecticut and seeing your gorgeous space!


Nice job, it looks great! :D

Sandy Shirley

Where have you plugged in your pretty Christmas lights? I see they are lit but didn't see a plug.


They run along the ceiling on the door wall and into a plug at the far end of that wall.


Wow, Benita. I loved seeing the "before" picture at the end. It really illustrates the spectacular job you did in that little corner of your house. I love a nice entryway and yours is just so crisp, clean, and welcoming. Love it.

New England Girl

It looks wonderful!

If stapled sufficiently, will the bubbling disappear once the caning is fully dry?


The bubbles are completely gone! It's super flat and looks really professional if I do say so myself :)


Just fantastic!

Liz Willis

You make it look so easy. This is sensational. Thank you for sharing Benita!


Absolutely fabulous. What a great job, innovative and good looking.


You are so clever!


Looks awesome, Benita! I am so impressed. A really great 'landing strip'. Love that you have a spot to dry your mitts etc! Brilliant.


What a difference the from the before photo! You really are very innovative when it comes to small space appearances and functionality. That is why I love your blog!

Lisa Flaherty

Yikes! That is good advice! :/

Lisa Flaherty

I was wondering the same. But you have hidden it well!

Lisa Flaherty

Beautiful, as always! Such professional results!


Mitten drying - brilliant!


Love it. How brilliant. You have the best ideas and are so talented. Thanks for sharing all your ideas with us.

christine e-e

love it all... bright, light & cheerful... plus clean, tidy & useful. Fabulous!
I'll bet your mom will love seeing your place ---- when does she arrive for the holidays??
any chance you can share some of your holiday traditions? foods? community events? local decorations?


I'm in awe once again. And I humbly volunteer to let you come play with my house once you're done with all the changes to yours. I'm generous like that :)


I love the fairy lights. I would keep them there all the time.:)


She arrives on the 22nd and stays until the 1st. I'll try and take some photos of how we celebrate Christmas!


That's very generous of you! :) Actually I would love to see your place in the country!


They've been up way longer than the rest of the decoration and will probably stay for a while after Christmas too. That corner is so dark otherwise.


Very nice! Also nice to see before and after pics!


I know this has nothing to do with the awesome cover but where did you get those fairy lights? I found one store in Vancouver selling it but they are out of stock :( It seems like the ones I see here all look like outdoor lights with thick wires and bigger bulbs.....

Melissa @ HOUSEography

What a gorgeous improvement!!!


We'd love to have you out here! Let me know when you'd like to come to Uppsala and we'll make it happen.


I was a little bit sceptical but it looks good!


Love the result.
Benita, are they Blundstone boots I spy near the front door?

Adriane Duckworth

Benita you really are my DIY hero. Are you going to paint the caning white? I mean, how can you not??


They're available everywhere over here. Sorry to hear you can't find any.


Yes, and I love them! Luckily since thay are the only shoes I can wear with my insoles right now. I'm stuck with the Blundies all winter long :)


Actually I'm keping it as is. This space needs a natural element.


Oh yay! Glad to see Blunnies (no "d" in the nickname :) )have made it all the way to Sweden. I agree, they are so comfortable.


Such a simple solution. It looks great! I was wondering myself if you are going to paint it.


I tried to find your e-mail address but couldn't find it. Was sure I had it... I would love to come visit you sometime this spring! Please e-mail me; benita@chezlarsson.com

Sandra Yeong

This is awesome. And thanks for sharing with us... really inspiring.


This is pure genius, lOved it

the spectator

That looks so good.

jules @ The Diversion Project

nice to see someone else has a loaded skate board on show!


I don´t wish to sound like a downer, but will your cat´s be able to resist the radiator covers?


We used caning at the old house too and they never touched it and they've shown zero interest in this one :)


It is looking super duper elegant and like it always looked like that! Although, seeing the before photo, it has changed a lot!


Sheesh, that is amazing! You are so handy! Well done! :)


Du är ju ett geni!!! Vad snyggt det blev och vad praktiskt! Det är inte ofta man ser något som tickar båda de boxarna!

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