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March 27, 2013


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Removable wallpaper...I cannot believe I didn't think of that for my wooden staircase! Love!


Definitely going in my inspiration folder. Love it!


Definitely going in my inspiration folder! Love it!


Ui, what a pattern!

I love the surprise idea, all neat and tidy and calm and white at first glance but then BANG here comes the pattern.
Guess that wakes you up in the mornings on your way up :-D
Wonder how long it stays up, though. ;)

Claire/Just a little less

Wow! I wasn't expecting this. So bold but so right xo


Love it!! Really love the temporary aspect of it too.

Ramona K

Hur häftigt är det??
Wow Benita. I´ve been rushing to open your blog every morning to see what the "surprise" was going to be. (Doing my own stairs soon). I think that´s just great and what´s there to lose when it´s removable? Just recently I´ve seen a few variations on this theme of "wild" uppers. Got a bit of thinking to do......
Glad påsk


That is so cool! Love it!


That looks SO cool! If you're not nice and alert when you go downstairs, you will be when you go up :)


Hey that's rather nifty! Me like.


Love it... I love the surprice effet that is has. All white - and then the wonderful detail with the removable wallpaper.


I love it! It looks great :) And now I'm itching to try it out myself...




Åh, det här måste ju vara det perfekta för mitt nya(dvs redo) kök! Hur är ytan? funkar den vid spisen tror du?

Helen F

Such a great idea! looks really cool!


Den är som en grövre självhäftande plast, liksom pyttepyttelite ribbad av trådar som ligger i. Man ser dem vagt i bilden där jag skär. Inte säker om min är av den finare kvalitén eller standard dock, det finns två. Inte heller helt säker om den tål värme. Men du kan ju kanske köra brickmetoden precis vid spisen?


Så himla snyggt!!!


It looked fantastic in the all white photo but reaches an all new level of awesome-ness with the addition of the wallpaper. Nice work!


WOW! Looks great. Would be lovely to have different colours/patterns to switch out for different seasons. Great idea, looking forward to investigating for below chair rail height in downstairs loo.


Absolutely fabulous!


Wow wow wow I love it. Didn't expect that at all. Great, well done. Beautiful.


LOVE IT! What a great idea!


This is so awesome and I didn't see it coming at all. The stairs look SO much better now!

If they have novelty styles I'd be so tempted to get some paper with little dancing gnomes just to freak out my husband. :)




Ja, men då borde det nog funka. Precis vid spisen har jag ju plexiglasskydd, det är mer att det blir fett brevid fläktkåpan så det är fint om det går att torka av.


wow, really cool! Didn't know there was such a thing as removable wallpaper, brilliant!

Sandy (USA)

Hey now you're talking! That is totally awesome. Since it's removable, would you consider something similar for the stairs going up to the second floor? Perhaps something a little toned down since there are more steps? I'm really digging it ... and easily removable when tired of ... of yeah!


I love it! It's a fun pattern, plus in homes where shoes are worn inside, it's a great way to hide the dings that would eventually show up on the white risers. Thanks for sharing!

Heather P.

Very cool! I like the idea that you can change it up whenever you want!

Marcia M

Perfect! Love it!


That is just brilliant! I love it!


What a great idea! I love it! (Amazing no one has come up with this before!)


FUN FUN FUN! All the other stairs in your house will be jealous.


And now I know how I'm going to deal with my 100 year old staircase (perfect since I'm a renter!)




That is so very cool and so VERY much you - great work! :-)


Love the funkiness of that pattern, and the big surprise!

Annelise in Edmonds

Wow!! I totally love it! I wish I had stairs so I could try the same thing!

Katja @ Shift Ctrl ART

Wow that looks amazing. I like the bold! What a great look!


I love that idea! Now I'm thinking I might try something like that in my dark, dingy cupboards. I was just going to paint them white inside to bring in some more light, but having a little surprise when you open the door would be wonderful.

ann at thevelvetaubergine

I love this project! I've been especially interested in the stair project because my basement stairs are revolting. We're renting and no one outside of the family goes down there, BUT, I would love something clean and fresh. I've always admired, Benita, your attention to the "working" rooms of your house.



RC in NY

Benita, which grade of paper did you use - Standard or Luxe? And how difficult would you say it was to position the product on the risers? How long did it take you?


What a great result...I'm in love with your stairs now and may have to steal this idea!!

Kristen B

Benita, I absolutely *love* this!! so worth the wait. WOW.




Looks fantastic, great idea.


Actually I don't know, but I've sked Elisabeth and will get back to you! It wasn't very difficult. I had to stick, peel and re-stick a couple of them because of the tight corners under the nose but all in all with cutting it only took an hour or so.


I pay attention to those because it makes working in them more enjoyable :).


Very cool!


Love it! I'm in love with their chevron so might try that out for a table top. Would Elisabeth offer a discount code for your readers? Thanks!


Really fantastic!

the spectator

Love it!


It looks fantastic. Great idea to put it on the risers. Now I'm looking around my place wondering where I can do something similar.


Benita, do you and Wille remove your shoes before coming into the house (à la Japonaise)? I would hate to see your beautiful white stairs marred in any way :).


I have it on good authority that the paper will stay in place for years...unless it is picked at. So, keep those "picking fingers" away. It looks beautiful!! A real WOW!


Hey, I just saw on her blog that she (Elizabeth) is offering a 10% discount, but I believe there is some sort of code. Check out her blog.


I love it!


Us Swedes also don't wear shoes inside :)


Mine is the Luxe, Elisabeth replied.


Nice looking wallpaper and just the right amount not too much not too little. I think if a whole wall was papered, it would make us all crosseyed! LOL

I came to look at the removable wallpaper, "CatBirdFarm" linked to your website from Apartment Therapy!


Brilliant! Love, love, love


Just wanted to let you know that you have inspired me so much! I have a scary closet under my stairs, with unpainted and mismatched cinderblock walls, exposed brick, unpainted plywood, sagging unpainted wooden shelves, exposed ductwork... weird nooks and gaps... I finally decided to tackle it! First I cleaned and caulked the stairs above, as there were many gaps and dirt and dust would filter down to the closet. Then pulled the stuff out of the closet, pulled out most of the shelves, cleaned, and am starting to paint! Painting the cinderblock portion first, as itʻs the most time consuming. It already looks so much better. Iʻm going to clean and paint all the shelves and plywood- might leave the brick as-is; itʻs kind of pretty. Without your blog, I donʻt know where I would have gotten the vision to do this! Well, your blog and the steroids I was on for a thyroid issue, haha! Thank you, and keep your inspirational posts coming!

P.S. I found "buried treasure" in my scary closet: a giant brass platter that was probably there before my parents bought the house in the late ʻ60s. Not really valuable, but exciting!


Way to go! Yay!


Thanks! I keep thinking, "WWBD"- what would Benita do? Speaking of which, what do you do when you are being held prisoner by one of your cats? I need to get back on that closet, but my Billie is purring in my lap. Seems so rude to eject her. ;-)


You need to stay put definitely! :)




That is awesome! Well done, that is a lot of hard work.


Great custom. I cringe when people come over and do not remove their shoes. I do ask them on occasion but most times I just suffer and vacuum and mop as soon as they leave. :)

RC in NY

Thanks for finding out!


This popped up on atticmag today,



Ha! I love the zebra one!


I LOVE the pattern you've created with your chosen pattern! Excellent vision and execution!

Julia [lifeonchurchill]

It looks great! Thank you so much for the inspiration, our basement stairs are in much need of a makeover.



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