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March 15, 2010


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How do you keep it all so clean and orginazed iz beyons me.
Fantastic !!!


I can't imagine working in your home office without a chair...


Hi Benita,
I'm curious like emma, did you sit in front of your office or do you just stand there?
Greetings from Germany

Purple Area

Really beautiful, so neat and clean and just great inspiration!


I stand. I stand at work in the office too. I've done it for years and am so used to it. I do it mainly because of my IBS, it stretches out my stomach :) In the office I have one of those lean-to chairs that I can hop onto if I'm tired. At home I occasionally sit at the dining table if I have a project where I need more space like this weekend's scanning session. My back hurts a little after sitting for so long though. Funny how you get used to things.


The office is fabulous. I would just need a comfortable white chair to be perfect for me. :)


Oh, please, Miracle-girl... Can't you come to my house just for one day?


My jet pack is broken but if you send me your helicopter I'll be right over!


So glad you mentioned that the in box gets stuffed with papers and then weeded out. I need an in box. The dining room table is our in box at the moment and its not working very well.


I just watched the Bamboo promo video from the link on the Herman Miller blog. I want one. Am I correct in thinking you hook it up to your laptop and can expand, rotate, edit, etc. any image you are looking at on the internet?? Or does it have to be one of your own image files? Plus you can add your own handwriting/notes to an image? Way cool. Please keep us posted (with samples) as you learn things about your Bamboo.


Hmm. In our house what happens is the in-box becomes full, and then becomes surrounded by lots of little piles of paper. Are you all equally disciplined about clearing your in-boxes?


So inspired! I'm starting my "operation spring cleaning" and I want to get rid of stuff that I don't use, don't need and don't love. I love how everything has a place in your home and everything is PRETTY! It's functional yet pretty. That's my plan for my home. Wish me luck!?!


Wow, Benita!! Herman Miller is from my home town in Holland, MI and I actually had a temp job there once. =)

My grandparents had a couple of the hard molded plastic Eames (??) chairs from the 1960s in orange and gold. Awesome, awesome chairs ... you would LOVE them.


Kendra @ My First Kitchen

Organization makes my heart go pitter patter. I love how this looks! I can't wait to get back into my office again. Right now, the Christmas decorations haven't made their way up to the attic way, and my office is the victim of not pulling down that scary ladder to put things away. You've reminded me that my office is quite pretty under all of that out-of-season glitter. Time to get back in it.


Everytime I see this space I love it more. Today, looking at it with new eyes, I realized it was the exact thing I needed to adapt to my own office space, which (hangs head in shame) is a Complete Mess. So I just used your new search tab to find your excellent instructions about how you built it. I've printed them out and I'm going to make myself a version.

I just wanted to let you know that you've provided inspiration and practical advice to a complete stranger who is thousands of miles away in New England. Isn't the internet an amazing and wonderful thing!

I'll send pictures as a thank-you when I've finished.

Jennifer S.

I love it. I'm hoping to have an organized home office one day, too. Thanks for the inspiration. You are my number one source!




It is!!! Can't wait to see your version :)


Nope. I'm not in charge, I take charge. Can't stand paper piles, they drive me nuts and just make everything look messy... Here's another post on snail mail btw http://chezlarsson.com/myblog/2008/08/organizing-our.html


Actually I haven't gotten around to using it yet. I had some issues when I tried it out but I'm taking a Photoshop class right now and next week I'm bringing the Bamboo so I can get help. I have to say it's not super straightforward...

From what I understand it's used instead of a mouse so anything you can use your mouse for you can do with the pen or the touch functions. You can also use it instead of the keyboard, like write and then it recognizes your handwriting and turns it into type written.

But like I said, it's not superstraight forward and the pen and touch need to be adjusted for your pen pressure etc so I'm really excited to get help. Will tell you all when I start using it!


Ok, I just realise that I didn't answer that question. A: I pull the contents out when somene's slot is full and ask them to deal with it. Or if nothing happens I just toss whatever I know is old and unimportant or hold each paper up and ask if it can go or must be saved.


One of my favourite spaces in your home. Do you use some office chair for sitting? Or this bench next to working space?

Sarah Sarniak

So organized and functional! I love it.


I work standing. No chair.

Bren @ Chasing Beauty

You're SO organized! Loving all of the green! I just did a green decor post on my blog today. :)


Suzy Doss

I am an Org 101 alumn & must admit that I am in awe of your home! It is always so fresh and clean! I'm jealous!!! How do you find the time to keep it looking so good?


very nice.
I used to have a similair set up.
But I found the lack of knee space got to me.
Or else my ankles/shins kept getting bruised.

Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas

Amazing... hehe, despite constant organzing and cleaning, my office space never seems to look that well kept ; ).


The desk top sticks out so there's enough room to stand and not touch the base at all.


I make it a priority. If my house isn't organized and somewhat clean I don't feel well :)


Standing? Amazing. Very interesting way indeed :-).


It's not that uncommon here in Sweden. In our office anyone who wants/needs a table that can be adjusted height-wise can have it. They're from IKEA I think about 30% in our office have them but not everyone stands as much as I do.


Jag undrar om du har något tips på affärer i NY som du gillar, med praktiska och billiga "organiserings-grejer" som t ex Muji-saker eller liknande. Jag ska nämligen till New York framöver. Du kan svara på engelska men jag orkar inte skriva på engelska!


I det här inlägget har du en lista över pappersaffärer i NY http://chezlarsson.com/myblog/2008/12/new-york-paper-pleasures.html och i detta lite diverse, bla organiserings favoriten The Container Store :)http://chezlarsson.com/myblog/2008/12/nyc-shopping.html


I never comment but read your blog all the time. You are such an inspiration! I think I'll print these pics out and stick them on my fridge for motivation. Oh, and I live about 10 minutes from Herman Miller.


Tusen tack!


I just came across your blog via your pic above that I saw in an organization group on Flickr. Where did you get that awesome desk/hutch? I am in love. Your style is fantastic too. :)


Thank you!
We built the unit ourselves, if you go to the How-Tos tab at the top you will find some vague instructions on the process. We built it before I started blogging so I don't have a step by step I'm fraid.


This is so awesome! I have been looking for a way to organize my small workspace and have a desk. :)


I love this office. I would love to know where you got the desk and hutch thing? Did you build them?

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