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June 09, 2010


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Maureen@Notes on a Visual Life

You are one crafty lady, Benita! Good luck with the challenge!!! $500 in supplies...yes, please!!


Benita, you are the bomb! I love it! I think you need to start holding web classes on how to train your brain to have such a great imagination. I'll be very surprised if you don't win this challenge.


Ja, nu är ju inte jag någon domare, men jag kan säga att jag tycker att dina projekt överlag är i en annan klass än de andra deltagarnas. De är jätteduktiga och har gjort fina saker, men du har tagit kreativiteten ett steg längre och gjort riktigt originella grejer! Lycka till i tävlingen.


Tack! Men kan inte du erbjuda dina tjänster som domare då? :)

Det är ett gäng kvar som jag inte sett alstren av dock och jag anar att tex Frida på Trendenser kommer att ha ess i skjortärmen...

Jag lägger upp alla mina bidrag på Pandurobloggen i ett samlat inlägg och i ett Flickr set på fredag förresten om du undrar varför jag inte kommenterat där än. Känns lite rörigt annars :)


Men oooo, du är fantastisk...! Så så så snyggt...!


You are unbelievable!!!!


Amazing. Simply amazing.

The #7 is my favorite, but I think all the projects are worthy of the big win!

Elle Sees

Loving these concrete projects!


great post! Makes me want to make something out of concrete!


I love all your concrete projects!That stuff is intimidating for sure, but your tutorials make it so that I actually will want to try it this summer!(once the rain has stopped here in Seattle....)


Can we vote for you anywhere - we (your devoted readers) are pretty good at that, you know ;) Just give us the address and we´ll do it. Your stuff is amazing!



...oh now, does it say at panduro pages that that there´s a jury to choose: "En jury bestående av anställda på Panduro Hobby utser vinnaren" (my swedish is a bit rusty) - So we can just hope that the best (you) wins?

Mia again


Most impressive! I hope you win. I have only made square and round stepping stones out of concrete, but you are expanding my horizons to concrete's possibilities. My only trick when using concrete was to add a layer of wire mesh in the middle, (something stiffer than chicken wire), to reinforce it and make it less likely to crack.

I would love to see what your competition is up to too. Do you have links?


Yup, there's a Panduro jury :)


This is the post where everyone submits their pieces to in the comments http://www.pandurohobby.se/pan/IboxServlet?p=BLG220R&BLG=604&BLGI=46 but unfortunately they don't have direct links, one must copy and paste the links into a browser.

I haven't added my links yet, I'll do them all on one fell swoop when I'm done posting them here. Also they prolonged the competition which was due to end on Friday to next Friday the 18th so it'll be a little bit longer until they announce who wins.

Ps. I hope I win too . Haha :)


Wow! Simple and stunning! You Benita are always so creative! Everytime I read about any of your ideas and see them executed the only thing I can say is:"It's amazing! It's so simple!". I will use this idea for the number of our house. I think concrete number fits it best. I have #17 :) I agree with Judith: you have a great imagination! I wish you win.


Your ideas are unique and your style is so clean and simple so I hope you really win!!! Your ideas make me want to go do some myself! Love the 7!


I really hope you win. Your ideas are really original! I could see your crafts for sale in trendy decor shops. Too bad concrete isn't so heavy, I'd say you should add these to your online shop!!


I am loving your concrete projects. Your ideas are amazing! Thanks so much fort doing this, I'll be linking.


I think this is my favorite one. I hope you win!


All of your projects have been very cool. . . and they keep getting cooler. I'm guessing this is the number of your house? Not that I would be a stalker, I live too far away to be of any concern.

El blog de un poco de todo

I hope you win because you are really talented. YOu deserve it. I love all your projects. Good luck!!!!!

Kat Pasco

Holy Moly! I am most certainly inspired to make a few concrete projects. I cannot thank you enough for the lovely photos, instructions AND inspiration.


Yes, we live at No 7 :)


Willie looks so handsome! No wonder you are a proud mama! :-) Hope he had a nice time at his prom.

Steve Blake

This is great!

I'm currently working on a concrete lamp project. It's such an interesting material to use.

Well done - I look forward to more concrete inspired ideas.

Account Deleted

That's really awesome. What kind of concrete did you use for this?


I used very fine concrete for crafts. It doesn't have rocks or bits in it like the concrete you use for building purposes. You can use that but you'll get a more uneven surface.

solar panels for sale

This is a big jump up from the #3. But could offer some pretty cool custom shapes.

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